“The Folded Flag” Why Respecting The National Anthem Matters….. by Michael Hawke


“This Flag Is Presented On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation In Appreciation For The Honorable Service Rendered By Your Loved One…. (name of fallen hero). 

At the end of the Military Funeral Service the American Flag covering the coffin is attended to by a military team whose duty is to remove and fold the Flag into an exact, tight, triangle. Once folded it is formally handed to the attending Senior Officer, or Military Chaplain, for presentation to the family. This most solomn military ceremony has been repeated millions of times, for over for two hundered years, to honor our country’s bravest and best….our fallen military heroes.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a former servicemember who has lived a long life after serving his or her country it is a symbol of hope and pride for the family. They are recalling their loved one with the knowledge that he or she served the nation and often times did so in time of war. They are grateful for the receiving of the folded American Flag. It is treasured as a memory of their loved ones life and service to his or her nation.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a military member who has fallen in war, or during the service of his or her country, it is also a symbol of hope and pride….but it is so much more.  The receiving of the folded American Flag in these services is crushing…it hurts…it passes from the Officer to the family member with an importance that no one can imagine unless they are receiving it in this way. The familly member clutches it with a tightness that is almost audible. The American Flag they just received was on their servicmembers coffin from the battlefield to the home front, and now to the cemetery, their loved one’s final resting place. They leave the service not with their loved one….but with the “Folded American Flag” , a physical symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of their fallen hero for the freedom and safety of all Americans. 

“The National Anthem NFL Player Protests Are An Affront To Most Americans, Veterans, And The Families Of Our Fallen Heroes” :

I am tempted to take the arguments being made to support the National Anthem protests and counter them one by one in this article. The arguments made by these players; they are doing a peaceful protest, it is not meant to disrespect the flag, it is a matter of free speech to do so, it is about police brutality and racism, it is about opportunities for minorities who are limited due to so called white privilege, are all shallow at best, and outright wrong at worst.  Rather, I will respond to these arguments in another piece, at a later time.

All Nations Have National Anthems:  During the Olympics when Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners stand on the podium, before the entire world, to receive their medals the National Anthem of the Gold Medal winner is played for all to hear and recognize.  The playing of the winning country’s anthem is a sign of respect and acknowledges all the good and honorable things of that nation. No one hearing the German, Russian, or Chinese anthems thinks about the negatives, both past and present, of those nations. Rather, we think of the atheletes and the hope for peace and prosperity for all in the future.  Likewise our Star Spangled Banner, when played before a game or event, represents our positives as a nation. It is not about a “perfect nation”, but rather a nation that is good and will become even better. It is about gratitude and hope.

Dignity, Decorum, Responsibility:  There is a time and place to protest. Jim Brown, Hall of Fame running back from the Cleveland Browns, who spent most of his post NFL career fighting for social justice and change had this to say on the knee takers;  he states he respects their right to do what they want but his preference is for them to stand during the Star Spangled Banner….

“I’ll never kneel, and I will always respect the Flag”.

Jim Brown was one of the best running backs of all time, an African American who never made the mega millions in salaries and endorsements of today’s players.  He grew up in the pre-civil rights era and knew prejudice and injustice first hand.

Jim Brown has always worked for equality and justice for minorities.  Today he is 82 years old and still actively working for social justice and change. Yet Jim Brown respects the National Anthem. Our Star Spangled Banner stands for the best of America’s past and present, and the hope for a postive future for all.  Jim Brown also knows that “Dignity and Decorum” matter.  He realizes that as a player, and former player, he is a role model which translates into a “Responsibility” toward his fans, both young and old alike.

Every American Should Attend A Military Funeral:  I suggest the next time a fallen hero is honored these protesting players attend the funeral.  After seeing the Flag being taken from the coffin, folded, and then given to the Senior Officer for presentation to the family member of the fallen hero, they will no longer protest during our National Anthem.  They will have understood the importance of dignity, decorum, and responsibility, and will take their protest to another time and a better place. They will understand why Jim Brown said…

“I’ll never kneel…and I will always respect the Flag”.


Michael Hawke

A Trip To Home Depot, by Gideon Lion

I was walking into my local Home Depot (Genesee) with my dog, Django, tonight at the exact moment some sketchy-looking hooded and masked dude was pushing a cart, full to the brim, out the door. For some reason my “spidey senses” were tingling and telling me he didn’t pay. There was a guy in an orange Home Depot apron standing by the door who did nothing. I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at the Home Depot employee, and said “Did that guy pay?” He said… “no”. I said, “What the [bleep], dude, you’re not gonna stop him?” He said his hands were tied — corporate policy.

I’m like, “Hold my dog.” I gave him the leash and booked it out the door toward the thief, who had already made it a good 100 meters away (nearing the other side of the Home Depot parking lot by Marshall’s) and running away with the cart toward Genesee Ave., but had no idea I was hot on his trail. Even though I was in flip-flops, I was full speed, which is fast, even at my age and in my terrible shape. I caught up with him at about the 200 meter mark, right in front of the Vallarta taco shop. (Side note: I got drunk the other night and fell head first into a pair of electric clippers, and am now sporting a mohawk), which means he turned around and saw a biggish guy with a mohawk and a dirty wife-beater tank top stained with roofing tar running at him in flip flops at full speed. At that moment he just left the cart and high tailed it as fast as his little rat feet would carry him. Rather than chase him down (I didn’t have much gas left in the tank anyway), I decided to just stop and grab the cart, and wheeled it all the way back to a crowd of cheering Home Depot employees. Felt good. They thanked me profusely but I didn’t have the heart to tell them I didn’t do it for them. I did it… for Johnny.

President Biden: The Malarkey President Supports Russian Invasion Goals! By Michael Hawke


President Biden insults all thinking Americans: He continues to tell the American people the following message: ” I will do everything in my power to ease the pain of the American people at the pump”. He claims to be asking other petroleum producers to reach into their reserves to ease our rising oil prices. He also said his administration will release some of our oil reserves.

Russia is still supplying oil to America: After President Biden took office he stopped the keystone pipeline, fracking, and the leases for oil and gas development. We were an oil exporter on December 31, 2020 and by February of 2021 we were importing oil. Today, as I write this, Russia is the number 2 supplier of oil to America behind Saudi Arabia. We went from energy independence under Trump to energy dependence under Biden.

Russia is nothing more than a gas station for the world: If Russia cannot sell its oil and natural gas it is broke. By one stroke of the pen President Biden green lighted Putin’s plan to take over Ukraine. Putin would not have been able, or willing, to risk this aggression in Ukraine had America remained a leading oil supplier to the world.

Biden’s and his “New Green Deal” lies: No one talks of the illogicalness of America shutting down her oil and gas production so Russia, China, India, and OPEC can spew out dirty coal and green house gasses into the ozone sphere. We produce the cleanest energy of any of these oil producers and for President Biden to shut US production down for the good of the planet is either plain stupid, or hypocrisy driven by foreign lobby money.

Restart Trump energy policies and stop buying Russian gas and oil: Americans need to wake up and call him out on this lie. It is a whopper! He is not doing “all he can” to ease our pain at the pump and help Ukraine. He is asking the American people to bear the cost of the US not reinstituting the Trump energy policies. Worse, he is supporting Russian aggression in Ukraine with every barrel of Russian oil we buy. He is the worst kind of liar. He is letting people die in order to cover up the truth and keep his globalist green deal supporters happy. In other words, he is doing nothing to ease our pain at the pump. He is easing Putin’s path to taking over Ukraine.

Michael Hawke



Book Review:

America’s Backpack Nuke is the recently released classified story of America’s secret nuclear weapon which the CIA deployed, and almost detonated, during the Vietnam War. Michael Chapanar was a 19 year old dedicated United States Marine trained to deploy and detonate a ground based “backpack” nuke. He knew he would likely be on a one way mission if called upon to save his fellow Marines on the DMZ in 1967. The military Generals, the CIA, and President Johnson lied to the American people in order to feed the Military Industrial Complex and keep the war going. By 1967 things were not going well and while the Generals assured the pubic we were winning the war, as proven by enemy body counts, the truth was very much the opposite. America won every battle in Vietnam…. but we ultimately lost the war.

When Lance Corporal Michael Chapanar was sent to Vietnam the enemy was building up large forces preparing to attack and overrun our bases along the DMZ. President Johnson and General Westmoreland vowed to hold our ground at all costs fearing a repeat of the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 which ended with the capture of several thousand French soldiers of which over half died in captivity. The French defeat led to the division of Vietnam between North and South. You will read in America’s Backpack Nuke, just how very close we came to using a ground based nuclear weapon and changing the course of history.

Michael Chapanar could not talk about his military service for over 50 years as his military records including his awards were sealed and he was sworn to secrecy. He displayed great patience during the intervening years waiting for the chance to tell his personal story and this hidden chapter of the Vietnam War. In March of 2018 he requested permission from the Secretary of Defense, the Marine Corps, and President Donald Trump to have his records unsealed and be able to tell his story, On September 11, 2018, the anniversary of 9/11, he was given the official permission to finally write his account and his records were unsealed. He also received a personal letter from President Trump thanking him for his service to our country.

America’s Backpack Nuke is a must read if you like to read history, action, love, and drama. This story is a modern day Dr. Zhivago, and is destined for the Big Screen. You can order your copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and most book seller sites on line. Enjoy the read!

Michael Hawke

Leadership Lost…..SECDEF Austin, General Milley, General McKenzie…..by Michael Hawke


Three military Generals, one who is now the Secretary of Defense, blundered the Afghanistan withdrawal operation. All three submitted to the decisions of President Joe Biden, a 54 year Washington politician with a history of getting every single military decision he was party to wrong. He has always been and will now be rightly remembered as an idiot.

The blame here does not lie with Joe Biden as much with his military advisors who allowed choices and critical decisions at every step of the way to proceed in spite of their knowing they were wrong and would likely lead to disaster.

Not one of these three senior, experienced military officers put their rank on the table and said to Joe Biden…”not going to do it like this….it will not work, it will harm us both now and in the future”. No, these three so called leaders just kept their jobs and said to Joe…good plan, we can make it work. The truth is the plan was horseshit from the start.

Now that everyone in America and around the world can see their plan was the very worst of all the options they had to choose from these guys, starting with President Joe Biden, are shifting blame. They blame the former President Donald Trump, the Afghan Army, the Taliban for doing a bad job at their check points, the conservative media, and even the people trying to flee, both American Citizens and those who supported us in the fight. No “concentric circle” self checking here that’s for sure!

GEN Bruce Clarke on military leadership: ” When things go wrong in your command. start searching for the reasons in increasingly larger concentric circles around your own desk.”

These three Generals should resign today and if they refuse they should be relieved of their commands and court martialed for dereliction of duty, treason, and dishonor before the enemy. Their actions, from the abandonment of Bagram Air Base to the failure to order in enough troops to secure the perimeter of Kabul Airport, are negligent and criminal. The weaponry they left on the ground for the Taliban will ensure we no longer own the the night or the sky in the future when facing these terrorist enemies on the battlefield.

GEN Dwight D Eisenhower on leadership: ” Nothing is easy in war. Mistakes are always paid for in casualties and troops are quick to sense any blunder made by their commanders”

The troops, the nation, our allies, and especially our enemies can clearly see these guys blundered. They acted with reckless disregard for the safety of our troops, our allies on the ground, the American citizens ,and the Afghans seeking refuge. These three Generals, who by the way all fail to meet military weight and fitness standers, are a disgrace to the uniforms they wear and positions they hold.

A final note regarding President Biden. He is incompetent mentally and must resign immediately. President Biden, of all the leadership team who made this disaster happen, might be the least to blame due to his limited cognitive ability. He simply is not up for the job.

Michael Hawke

America’s Backpack Nuke…by Angela Chapanar


Michael, my spouse of 53 years was in reality a U.S. Marine with a one-way like mission. In 2012 shortly after his military history was declassified, he revealed his orders, records, and documents to me. For the love of God, country, and family he was trained and prepared to give his all with a backpack nuclear weapon. You will understand he had no awareness of white supremacy or white privilege. He was ready to sacrifice everything in defense of all races.

When you read the book, “America’s Backpack Nuke” you will experience suspense and mystery intertwined with a great love story that tears at your heart. Michael was not in search of glory, medals, tattoos, or dress blues. He was a Marine of Honor, no more, no less.

Angela Chapanar

The Uyghur Genocide: “I Seeee Nothiiingk”: by Michael Hawke

Hogan’s Heroes: was a popular tv comedy in the 1960s with the setting a WWII German Concentration Camp, Stalag 13, inside Germany. The show had an all star cast, Bob Crane (Colonel Hogan), Verner Klemperer (Colonel Clink), Richard Dawson (Corporal Newkirk), and John Banner, (Sgt. Schultz), as well as several others. The show ran from 1965-1971 and was a big hit. One of the main characters was German Sergeant, Hans Schultz, played by John Banner. Schultz was portrayed as a bumbling buffoon who was always learning too much about what Colonel Hogan and the American prisoners were planning. In every episode there was always a place where Sergeant Schultz would see something that he did not want to see, or know, and he would close his eyes and say….”I seeee nothiiingk”.

Shamefully our political, corporate, and media leaders are taking a page from the Sergeant Schultz script. The Chinese government denies the facts regarding the Uyghur genocide. This Muslim minority population is being slowly eliminated by the Chinese Communist Party. Young Uyghur girls are sterilized, families are broken up, freedom of movement taken away, women are forced into the sex slave markets and nobody notices or seems to care. Companies like Nike, and Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, and all the others making billions off the cheap labor costs accept the Chinese assurances that their products are being made only in legal factories. Sounds good to me they say…, by the way I have a bridge in San Francisco they can buy from me. The United States should be leading the outcry against this genocide. How loud is our protest? Not even a whimper. It seems our leaders fail the mention of it for fear of offending the Chinese Chairman.

Facebook Bans Trump Two More Years: The 45th President of the United States, who has banned from Facebook before the election, just had his ban extended two more years. His ” Facebook crime” was he exercised his First Amendment Rights of Free Speech by insisting he did not lose the election. He states the believes the voting was tampered with in several key states. The “Censorship Committee” at Facebook believes Trump’s speech caused the trashing of the capitol on Jan 6th and his claim the election was fraudulent is false and dangerous to the stability of our nation. You cannot read anything President Trump might want to say on Facebook or on Twitter. He is deemed a dangerous person who wants to cause discord. First Amendment Rights don’t apply…the Censorship Committee is looking out for all citizens…they know best. A former President of our country which is based on freedom of speech is silenced for his political views. We are now safe from President Trump thanks to the Censorship Committee.

Facebook Fails To Ban Chairman Xi: Chairman Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party Facebook Pages are not banned. There is no limiting of their information, which is mostly in Chinese. XI Jinping is responsible for the Uyghur genocide, Christian persecutions, the vicious suppression of the Hong Kong student freedom protestors, the plans to overrun and claim Taiwan, and many other illegal acts of aggression toward Western nations. He is a killer gangster on the same level as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Better not take him off Facebook guys…. “I seeee nothiiingk” !

Facebook Fails To Ban Vladimir Putin: The recently held summit in Geneva between Putin and Biden highlights the Facebook hypocrisy. Putin was allowed, by our President and the media, to present himself as an honest broker for peace in the world. He lies so well and with no one to challenge him directly or any media outrage or fact checking he left the summit untouched. Putin claimed with a straight face Russia has no knowledge of any of the recent Russian hacking of our major institutions and oil pipeline. He claims the Crimean occupation was legal and justified. Putin is an equal to Chairman Xi in terms of being a human rights violator. He too is a killer gangster also on level with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Like Xi his Facebook Page is still up. He is given free access to spread his lies and propaganda on Facebook. The Censorship Committee at Facebook does not feel he is a threat to world peace or stability. He also has been known to kill those who challenge him in any way. Better not take him off Facebook guys….” I seeee nothiiingk” !

Nike, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, and the NBA: These corporate giants also “seee nothiiingk” ! Nike holds 92% of the basketball shoe market world wide. According to Nike and the CCP there are only two legally allowed factories in China that produce Nike shoes. The shoe line includes the Jordon Brand. Do these guys care about China’s genocide of the Uyghurs? They claim they are not going to meddle in the internal affairs of China. So long as the shoes and other products get made and the profits keep coming all is good. How many Uyghur children slaved away at illegal plants making b-ball shoes for Michael Jordon and the NBA? In 2013 Michael Jordon signed a $90 million dollars deal with Nike. Since then 2.7 billion dollars have been made in China. No questions being asked here…. “I seeee nothiiingk” !

The Squad is Mum Too: Alexandria Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashid Talaib all claim to care about women, children, and minorities. None of these women who all claimed President Trump’s ban on travel from terror based Muslim countries was an anti-Muslim, racist, attack fail to call out Chairman Xi or the Chinese Communist Party on the Uyghur genocide. The Squad all get Chinese lobby money and the result is in ….” We seeee nothiiingk” ! Hypocrites at best complicit with evil at worst.

The Blind Eye is Widespread: I could go on listing many corporate and private organizations who ignore this genocide. There is worldwide fear of China and so courage is being displayed by but a few brave souls. President Trump took a hard stand with the Chinese. His tariffs and sanctions got their attention…and their respect. MLB, NFL, Coca Cola, Tesla, Politicians, American Universities….the list is endless of those who choose to ignore the genocide of the Muslims in Western China. Now the Biden administration has lifted the tariffs and sanctions. The Chinese government has power and money and are using both to silence any criticism of their actions both inside and outside of their borders. These groups all are just like Sgt. Schultz as they….. “seeee nothiiingk” !

IOC Move the Beijing Winter Olympics: Senators Rick Scott and Ted Cruz have called for the International Olympic Committee to move the Winter Olympics set to take place in Beijing China in 2022. They rightly point to the Uyghur genocide and the mishandling and denial of access to investigators of the Corona virus Wuhan lab leak. I urge all Americans to call on their representatives to support this action. Do not be like Sergeant Schultz….see this evil genocide of these Muslim people and do something to stop it. It takes courage to speak up, and even more courage to take a stand when that stand will cost you.

Michael Hawke

Tom Hanks Just One More Left Wing Hypocrite ….. by Michael Hawke

The Tulsa Massacre Speech: Tom Hanks correctly points out few, if any, history books wrote of this slaughter of innocent black people by white racists outside of Tulsa in 1921. He states little was written about black people with the exception of a few famous and or successful blacks like Dr. King, due to the fact most of the history was written by white people, about white people. The historical focus he claims was to minimize the racist parts of our history. It would have been good to put that story in the history books but to suggest it being left out is evidence the history of our country for the past 60 years overlooked, or minimized slavery and post slavery racism, is just simply not true.

“The United States…The History of a Republic ” 2nd Ed 1967 : This was one of my college textbooks at the University of California Berkeley, American History 101. This text was first printed in 1957. The section on slavery was most extensive. The story puts the slavery issue in the context of the historical times providing a good picture of American life before the start of the civil war. The problem with Tom Hanks comments is that he takes this one incident, which was not taught, and suggests it is evidence of the minimizing of the slavery and racism story in America.

America, Not A Racist Nation: The real story of American slavery and racism is not that we were a racist nation, but rather that we overcame these evils and have become a more equal, just, and free nation. America is not without racists, but America is not systematically racist. We are not systematically keeping minorities, and specifically black Americans down. There is no “systematic racism” in America today. If one honestly looks at the American work world you will see Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and minorities of all types, at all levels of our society.

Opportunity For All: Surgeons, Mayors, University Presidents, Military Generals, Astronauts, Police Chiefs, Congress people, a US Senator, a US President, and now a female black Vice President, shout out to all who will see that America is the land of equal opportunity, regardless of race, religion, sex, or color of skin.

Tom Hanks suggestion to teach the Tulsa tragedy is fine, but to claim our university and other educational leaders want to minimize the telling of our history is not just wrong, it fuels racial division and strife. The very thing Tom Hanks says he is against he promotes by misrepresenting not the past, but rather the present. He also does what many on the left do which is to simplify history by evaluating it within the context of our 21st Century life.

Left Wing Hypocrisy: Tom Hanks comments were harmful, if not dangerous, as they suggest a current level of white racism in our country that is just simply not there. All I can say to Tom Hanks is if you want to address a real present day evil being ignored by all then speak up about China’s genocide of the Uyghur people in Western China. Now Tom there is a real story of ignoring the slaughter of not hundreds…. but millions of innocent people. This is a 21st Century Genocide. Why don’t you go after that story Tom….and maybe do a tell all on Chairman Xis role in all of it too? I know it does not fit into your tidy world view of American being a racist nation….so I won’t hold my breath waiting for your outrage.

Michael Hawke

Why I No Longer Watch Major League Baseball: by Michael Hawke

Politics Has Taken Over: I have watched baseball my whole life. I am a long time Padres / Tigers fan. I have attended many professional and minor league games over the years. In my working days, if I were out of town and a they had a MLB or Minor League game, I would do all I could to get to the park. We raised our kids going to Padre games at the Q, and then at Petco Park. Petco Park is an awesome venue for baseball. Too bad I have lost my love for the game at the Major League level. I just don’t feel the competitive thrill when watching or listening. You wonder why I lost the joy?

Politics….plain and simple. I played organized baseball as a youth and followed the game my whole life. The game is thrilling to be a part of on any level and is rightly called America’s Pastime. So many parts of the game draw you in; nine innings, extra innings, balls, strikes, walks, home runs, playoffs, all star games, world series, and the toughness of the players.

The competition, challenges and come backs as well as the eternal hope your team might go all the way to the Wold Series makes it a clear metaphor for life. The game inspires weather playing, watching, or listening. Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner, ruined the game of baseball for me…and for millions of other fans as well. Attendance and viewers on TV is at an all time low….and falling harder than a good sinker coming in on a left handed hitter. MLB, by having yet another liberal Harvard educated lawyer as Commissioner, made this outcome inevitable.

Rob Manfred Must Go: How can moving the All Star Game from Atlanta, with a black population of 51% to Denver, with a black population of 9% be a statement in support of “Black Lives Matters” ? Which Black Lives Matter? Those in Colorado or those in Georgia? Who gets hurt by the removal of the game from Atlanta? Black business owners and black families who would have attended the game, and black advertisers, to name but a few. Who wins in Denver from this move? White business owners, white families who will attend the game, and white advertisers to name but a few. So we are supposed to think this all about standing up for minorities in Georgia?

The dollar losses to Atlanta from removing the game at the 12th hour are crushing. Rob Manfred supported the left wing political narrative that was spun up after the new voting law was passed in Georgia. Had he and his team taken a pause…did a study on the law as it compares with other states in the country, he would not have made this dumb move of the All Star game. He would have realized that much of the narrative, if not all of it, was political manipulation by the Democrat left and outright lies and moving the All Star Game was sure to backfire. He should resign and or be removed from his position. Until he is gone I am done with the game at the MLB level….and I am not alone here as millions of fans are turning off the game every day..

I simply cannot enjoy baseball and escape from the real world grind like I used to be able to do. I am watching baseball and instead of following averages, home run leaders, and pitch counts, I hearing about the BLM propaganda and the whole “systematic racist nation” lies. “Field of Dreams” has turned into “Field of Nightmares”. It’s just no fun to watch anymore. MLB needs a new commissioner and he must be a former player. No more liberal, political, woke trolls please. We cannot say goodbye to moron Manfred any too soon!

The Big Lie: The big lie was that the new voting law was a racist act to limit voting rights for minorities and especially blacks. President Biden called it the” 21st Century Jim Crow” law. He spun the “no water allowed in line, the no drop boxes, the less voting days”, which were all lies misrepresentations of what the new law stated. The requirement for voter ID to register was not new to either Georgia or many other States. Rather, it is about making elections more fair and honest. Most countries require voter ID to prove citizenship in order to vote. Our neighbor to the South, Mexico, will put a person in jail who votes illegally. To be eligible to vote in Mexico one must be a Mexican citizen, verified by a government issued voter ID. No one from the United States, who resides in Mexico, can vote in a Mexican election. President Biden and other liberals got “4 Pinocchios” from the liberal Washington Post for their outright lies on the Georgia voting law. Biden simply thinks most Americans are either too dumb, or too lazy, to even care about truth.

The Corporate Hypocrisy…”not a peep”… NBA, NFL, MLB, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, CBS, Cisco, UPS, Chase Bank, Citi Group, and Merck: These corporations actively support left wing, destructive political groups and ideas. I am taking my hard earned dollars elsewhere. I used to drink coca cola every day, I have switched to juices. Why these businesses, and especially professional sports leagues, do not stay out of politics, who can figure? Americans today are politically polarized with half the nation on the right, and the other half on the left. From a purely business position it would seem dumb for corporations and sports teams to give up half of the potential customers by picking political sides. These woke corporations claim moral courage for taking a stand against this so called “Jim Crow” Georgia voting bill. They are not moral, upright, or courageous…they are simply devious liars.

Will They Boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics?: These guys are liberals and driven by their political motives, not morals or ethics. If these corporations and sports teams really care about freedom and justice they would be walking away from the coming Winter Olympics. The Chinese government engages in terrorism, slave labor, child labor, forced sterilization of women, sex trafficking, and genocide.

MLB and all the other corporate hypocrites smugly supported moving the All Star game in the name of “racial justice” and yet they are raking in millions and millions of dollars working with the Chinese Communist Party. These companies all cozy up to the CCP backed companies and organizations because there are making a financial bonanza in China.

Last year the Hong Kong freedom protesters were brutally beaten, jailed, and killed. Do you remember Coca Cola pulling out of China in support for their courageous acts? Nope….not even a tiny little peep of a protest toward the CCP. The Muslim Uyghur minorities in Western China have been put in slave labor factories., re-education camps, and are right this very minute experiencing a systematic genocide by the CCP. Have you heard any NBA, NFL, MLB, or other corporate businesses openly support the plight of these people? No you have not heard them utter a peep and you wont hear them either. They are cowards, liars, and hypocrites and do not deserve our financial support.

Where do these these companies, like MLB, who pulled it’s All Star game from Georgia, stand on the issue of boycotting the coming winter Olympics in China? Are they threatening to move their operations and sales out of China unless the genocide taking place there is stopped? I will tell you where they are….they are nowhere, nowhere to be seen or heard, not a peep, not a whimper, nothing. They rather give full backing and support for the coming China Winter Olympics. They nod and wink….and keep collecting the money. Threatening to move the Olympics in order to stop the genocide of the Uyghurs is not even a consideration.

They are liars….join the boycott…help stop the genocide!

Michael Hawke

The Daily Mix…..by Michael Hawke

Tim Tebow, Jaguar’s Tight End: You have to root for Tebow. He is 33 years old….and doing it his way. In the world of NFL tight ends he is almost an old man but his football skills are still right there. I hope he makes the team and they win the Super Bowl.

The US Open at Torrey Pines: You have to root for Phil Michelson too. He was given a waiver to play in the tourney. He will be on his home course at Torrey Pines and if ever he is going to win that final major it will now. Phil was my mom’s favorite golfer. Mom never golfed, dad did though, and as a result she learned to love watching golf on TV. I think she brought Phil good luck and am hoping mom will be watching him on from up above.

The Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day Race: You have to root for Mike Pence too. The Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day race is next Sunday, May 30th. Don’t miss it! Still missing Jim Nabors singing “Back Home in Indiana” at the start of the race. Indiana people are a tough lot. Speaking of races I am pulling for Mike Pence for President in 2024. I love Donald Trump but he is done. He did good stuff but at this point even if he won he would be too handcuffed to get things done. Donald go make even more money and work the conservative cause from behind the curtain.

NBA Basketball-Tall Ball: There is no way anyone who knows basketball, and or played the game, can call this real b-ball. The players are way too tall, the court is way too small, the hoop is way too low, and the ball is too tiny and light. I know how to save the game I love! Well, if anyone like MJ, Shack, or any of the retired, filthy rich stars, want a challenge please contact me. I have a plan for a test league…no not “D Ball”, I know that exists. I am talking about a total test league of changes I suggested. We can run the league with guys who are retired, or done playing, but who still have game. The NBA today is so boring to watch…and worse… listening to the sports announcers trying to make it exciting is pathetic. Help me save the game. PS: Yes I know the NBA has this thing tightly controlled but as I said we need to save the game….hey will end up thanking us.

Speaking of Dumb…A-Rod: No way anyone with a brain can root for this dummy. I always liked Alex Rodriguez…I mean the guy is Mr. MLB right? But….how did he mess up the J Lo thing? Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman that ever walked the planet. I just have to say Alex you totally earned the term “Dumb Jock” on this one. I let a very nice Corvette get away from me a few years back. I always regretted letting that car go….but J Lo? I feel your pain man.

The Daily Mix….by Michael Hawke

Biden Gas Crisis: Last summer Cosco gas prices in California were under $2.50 per gallon. Today, less than 60 days after the inauguration, they are at $3.79 per gallon and climbing. In the community where I live many stations are at $4.00 and higher. The petroleum industry is predicting between $5.00 and $6.00 by August. So in less than one year President Biden will have picked the pocket books of Americans at the pumps! Oh, and as for the reasoning that higher prices will lead to people buying more electric vehicles all I can say is … which people? The poor and middle working folks are going to be hit very hard. Gas prices are a hidden tax on the poor.

Biden Border Crisis: The border is in Crisis. No amount of spin from the left can change the fact that the Biden open border policy is a disaster. More than a disaster it reveals who Biden really is. He is a mere political puppet and a man with a fragile ego. His proclamations during the campaign of working for all Americans if elected was a lie. In less than 30 days he has dismantled a tri lateral agreement with three Central American countries and Mexico that had created order at the border. All four countries benefitted from the agreement and have since stated the Biden Open Border policy is a mistake. The left wing media is incapable of treating this crisis honestly. During the Trump administration they did everything they could to paint Trump as a heartless monster who separated families and caged little kids. today the border patrol experts and by the way these are people who know and understand border control all claim Biden had let loose a tiger. Child trafficking, drug smuggling, and human border smuggling are out of control. Good job Mr. President…..your ego could not allow anything Donald Trump did, good or bad, stand. By all measures President Trump’s border policy and actions was working and should have been supported not canceled.

Biden Press Conference Crisis: President Biden refuses to hold a press conference where he will have to answer direct questions for the media. The reason is he is unable to handle this kind of communication. President Trump answered questions daily from the media and even when they were clearly out to get him he made himself accessible. He also kept the American people informed via Twitter on a daily basis. President Biden is in hiding and the media are now realizing how great it was dealing with a President who was straightforward and an open book. When President Biden holds an open press conference, if he holds one, it will the beginning of the end for him. It will be the lead up to his resignation and Vice President Harris’s becoming President. This by the way was the plan from day one.