My mother, Rita Foley Pomorski, used to quote the following which was a common mantra during WWII back in the homeland:

                                        ” Use it up, don’t throw it out “
                                          ” Make it do, or do without”

Mom told me during WWII they recycled everything back home to help the war effort. There was a junk man who came around twice a week pushing a cart and he paid people for metal and other things that had value for the war.  You see the recycling focus we have today is not new to our parents and grand parents.  They recycled before recycling was cool!  Today I see so many young people not recycling. They just throw it all in the trash and do not want to trouble themselves with the ” blue cans “.  I remember my mother did not throw an empty food jar out without first using a knife or spoon to “use it up” ! Water, lights, gasoline…you name it, they conserved it.  If you could walk to the store you did not drive. If it was snowing out they would still walk.   Today young people just “toss it out “even though there may be a few more servings left inside. It is too much trouble to “use it up” . The older I get the more I understand the ways of the WWII generation were wise and led to a strong America that fought evil and won, giving us the opportunities and freedoms we all have today.   Thanks Mom!