The Australian Prime Minister, as well as a high ranking US Marine Officer, recently started referring to ISIS as “Daiish” which is apparently a label these barbarians do not like.  For me this is a start as it has some negative implications and also denies them credibility as a present, or future, State.  From my vantage point though it does not really identify them as the global threat they represent in their quest to establish their Radical Islamic Caliphate.  I suggest the use of a universal term when referring to these barbarians.

                                     “THE FORCES OF DARKNESS” TFOD

This is clearly the most accurate moniker for them. TFOD refers to what they represent both within the Muslim world, as well as to every nation on the planet; a dark and evil force that is determined to destroy all that is good and right in the world.  Why do we in the West continue to legitimize them when we write and talk about their brutal deeds?

The political Right has been all over President Obama for not using the correct term “Islamic Terrorists”.  The President has clearly been weak kneed, if not outright “juevoless”, in his numerous talks about the terrorist situation. For some reason he seems to think using the term “Islamic Terrorist” is painting a broad brush of “Terrorist” on all Muslims. This explanation is basically inane but we will give him the benefit of the doubt here and suggest he is just being “sensitive” to the majority of Muslims who do not believe in, or practice, Islamic Terror.

I suggest using the term TFOD will send a clear message to the Islamic community worldwide that we do not see these barbarians as representing anything Islam, as practiced by the majority of Muslims.  TFOD are a destructive, evil, force that must be defeated not only by the the West but also by those true Muslims within the Islamic world.

So to our President, our political and military leaders, and all true Muslims worldwide, lets cut this one to the quick….Do not ever call them ISIS, IS, ISIL, Islamic State,or even DAESH, DAIISH.  They should, from this point forward, always be referred to as:  TFOD….The Forces of Darkness.