Folks I like to go right to the heart of any matter and when it comes to football, one of my favorite sports to watch, the ” Deflate Gate ” facts are clear as air. Initial reports were that upon inspection after the first half the Patriots had 11 balls underinflated and one ball fully inflated.

OK, lets pretend you are sitting on a jury in a criminal trial. The defense tries to say they “had no idea” how these balls got underinflated. They use several witnesses, all voicing basically the same mantra… “we would never cheat, we have no idea how this happened, it was an atmospheric anomaly, and we do not pay attention to our balls prior to the game”. Their coach claims it was from pre-game rubbing of their balls and then he attempts to gain sympathy by stating how this is distracting his team from their Super Bowl preparations.  Then their quarterback states he never pays attention to his balls while trying to laugh it all off as something of minimal concern.

The basic charge against the Patriots is the charge of cheating.  As members of the jury we must decide if they are guilty or innocent. As we enter the jury room to deliberate their fate first thing we are going to do is examine what we do know .

” The facts ….. just the facts ma’am”.  


  1. 11 balls were underinflated. 
  2. 1 ball was fully inflated.
  3. Underinflated balls are easier to throw and catch in wet and cold conditions.
  4. Underinflated balls do not give good results when kicking field goals in cold and wet conditions.
  5. It would be quite a coincidence if the Patriot footballs were all underinflated, except for one ball. The chances of this occurring accidentally are slim to none.
  6. Having one ball fully inflated would allow for maximum results when kicking field goals.
  7. Using underinflated balls gave the Patriots an unfair advantage, especially early in the game when the momentum was being established.
  8. We do not know who underinflated the balls.
  9. We know the Patriots were responsible for their balls, and especially for their balls meeting the proper inflation levels.
  10. The patriots did not ensure their balls were properly inflated which led to an unfair advantage that played some factor in their winning the game.

As a member of the Jury I would have to vote “GUILTY” on the charge the Patriots cheated in their playoff win against Indianapolis. Regardless of the outcome of the the game cheating should be a season disqualifying event. The Patriots should not be allowed to advance to the Super Bowl Game.