The recent demand by TFOD ( The Forces of Darkness ) for the release of a female terrorist held in a Jordanian prison is watershed moment for the world. They are promising to behead another Japanese hostage along with the captured Jordanian pilot if Jordan does not comply.

We can see clearly now” is not just a song, but a reality in this situation. What has been a conundrum of sorts for our Political leadership given the disasterous results of the Iraq and Afghan wars has become a black and white matter. We now know TFOD must be met head on and crushed beyond recognition.

When Hitler began his campaign it was easy for the England, and for America in particular, to believe things would not get worse. There was no eagerness to get involved in any way, but only a desire to hope things would turn out well in the end.  History shows us Hitler became bold and and the involvement of American forces was necessary.  Once we committed to the fight, the Nazis days were numbered.  We saw them not merely as the enemy but as an evil force that must be stopped at all costs.  What drove America to act and act with such massive force?  Hitler showed he was evil and would stop at nothing to gain his goals. When he began to exterminate the entire European Jewish community it was easy to understand this was a threat that would ultimately bring down our freedoms if not stopped. The genocide of the Jewish people needed to be stopped. Evil would not stop on it’s own but only by an action of a Good force meeting it head on.

The D-Day invasion was the beginning of the end for Hitler and the Nazis. The invasion was not a small attack. It was a massive insertion of military force that ultimately led to the crushing defeat of Nazi Germany.  The invasion was never ever considered a surgical action. It was also not considered a nation building action. The invasion had one purpose and one purpose only and that was to totally destroy the enemy and bring them to their knees. It succeeded in doing this and along the way many innocent people became the casualties of war.

TFOD has shown itself to be evil and, like Hitler, will stop at nothing to achieve it’s goals. At this time we must land a massive force in Syria and Iraq with the sole purpose of totally destroying TFOD. If the enemy hides in the towns and villages then we destroy the towns and villages. We must destroy TFOD, or TFOD will destroy us. They are an evil force that can only be stopped head on by a force of Good. They can no longer be ignored. We must remember what happened to Germany after the evil Nazi regime was destroyed. History shows us a democratic Germany arose out of the ashes of Hitler’s destruction and sixty years later they are a strong democratic nation of free people.