Folks, here we go again. The Governor of California, the Honorable Jerry Brown, along with the State Legislature, has joined 9 other States in allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a legal license to drive in their State.  The argument in support of this idea goes like this…

“If we do not allow them to obtain a license it puts undue strain and stress on them as they try to live their daily lives. We need to be as humane as possible for people who are stuck here in illegal status. In the meantime we need to help them live according to the law. We need to remember that having them legally licensed also gives authorities the opportunity to take action if they are at fault in a driving incident.” Will these newly licensed illegal residents be categorized ” legal illegal residents” now that they have a legal drivers license?

If an illegal immigrant who is licensed and given a ticket due to a traffic stop has to pay the fine, or appear in court, do you think they will do it?  What percentage of them will pay the ticket or go to court? We have no idea but I would bet most will not pay, or show. In the meantime it creates more costs and more log jams all along the system. Smart idea, licensing illegals, eh??

Meanwhile if you live in California and need to go to the DMV good luck. The DMV is recommending California legal residents make appointments to avoid the long waits due to the thousands of illegals flooding DMV offices throughout the State. Appointment times are pushed way beyond normal, often times taking weeks.  Once you get your appointment time and your privileged day arrives be sure to leave early as the parking lots are packed. This reminds me of some Orwellian tale as it is too dumb, too unbelievable, too bizarre, to be real. The illegals get preference over the legals. I wonder if it occurred to Governor Brown and his pals in the Legislature that maybe they should figure out a different way to issue these licenses so as not to alienate the average worker who may not want to wait four months to take care of their DMV business?

So lets think this one out.  Legal residents in the State of California pay taxes which support government public services, to include DMV services. So now if you live in California you must wait for a very long time to get your DMV business done because… the priority for the DMV is to take care of the illegal immigrants licensing needs, who by the way do not pay State taxes.  Makes total sense to me.

Do you know how these illegal immigrants acquire their birth certificates?  They walk into the Mexican Consulate in the city where they live here in America and go to the Birth Certificate counter. They are asked a few questions like, ” How old are you?” “Where were you born in Mexico?” “What is your birth date?” ” What are your parents names?”  When these questions are answered successfully, (don’t laugh),  they get their birth certificate printed right then and there, with a Mexican government stamp and all for legitimization.  Might there be a little flaw in the verification process with these documents?  

By the way…. just to let you know should you live in Mexico and attempt to get a Mexican drivers license you are out of luck. It will not happen!