OK Folks… I have had enough of the Oscar winners using their 30 seconds in prime time to politic. It is bad enough that most of the speeches are rants, and most of the rants are biased to the left, but why do they waste our time this way when  the audience watching at home really wants to hear about what they did to win the Oscar? Could these remarkably talented people not give some insight into the process, to the film, to their peers on the movie, to the making of the magic that is the movies?

Instead they take the Oscar in hand, give an emotional reactive comment or movement, look at the sheet of paper they have carried up there, and then blurt out a quick thank you to this person and a thank you to that person….

Next the political message comes out in rapid form;  “Now let me tell you about how we need to save the Alaskan Moose from Global Warming caused by too many Moose caused by too few Hunters caused by not enough Beer caused by too many Drinkers…”. 

Where is the Wizard Behind the Curtain to protect the audience from this political abuse when people are watching to enjoy the art and creativity and fun of it all?   The Oscar winners political speeches are old, they have lost their power, they are, for the most part fake.

It is not “OSCAR NIGHT” but rather should be called “SAVE THE WHALES, FEMALES, ABORTIONISTS, JOBS FOR ISIS RECRUITS, AND ON AND ON NIGHT”! Please Mr. Wizard at the Academy free us from these pseudo intellectuals. Just because someone can sound smart and has a quick wit it does not mean they are smart,or funny either, ergo Brian Williams.

Next year we are “Off To See The Wizzard…the Wonderful Wizzard of Oz” I just hope he actually does something to stop this stuff. If I were  “Mr. Wizzard” (Behind the Screen) at next years Oscars, I would make sure all Oscar winners who speak politically in their acceptance speech’s forfeit their Oscars right then and there and they would be awarded to another nominee.  I wonder how many of these Actors would trade their Oscar in order to give their Political Rant?

Stay on Script Oscar Winners. After all it is Oscar night and should be about the films, acting, creating, and the magic of it all.  As that all-wise character Forest Gump said….”stupid is as stupid does”. Maybe next year will be better.