The illegal immigrant is both abused and entitled. Abused because so many on the political right do not want to allow one more amnesty when we have yet to secure our border. Entitled because so many on the left want to see instant legal status for all in order to build a growing class of left leaning new voters in time for the next Presidential election.

Did you know if you are pregnant, live in Mexico, and have a Visa, you can make arrangements with an American Hospital in San Diego to deliver your new baby. Cost is between $5,000.00 and $9,000.00, cash up front. $5000.00 gets you a natural delivery and $9,000.00 will be for the C-Section delivery.

For young Mexican parents of means this is the only way to have their baby. They are making a U.S. Citizen and ensuring their child all the rights and benefits there of for the rest of his or her life.

I must tell you this is taking place continually, and it is big business for border city U.S. Hospitals. So while the poor immigrants from Mexico continue to sneak across the border, often putting themselves in dire peril, the well to do Mexicans simply contact the American Hospital and make an appointment to make their new citizen.  This, not spoken of, flow of new citizens being born every day of the week is probably the best argument to simply let the poor illegals stay. Citizenship by the birth, should not be viewed as legal simply because they have the means to pay. The poor illegals should be given a pass until we secure the border and put an end to the rich simply paying their way in.