The former police chief of Tijuana, Lt.Col. Julian Leyzaola, was shot by a gunman as he and his wife were exchanging money before crossing into the U.S. at Cidudad Juarez.  He was police chief of Tijuana in 2008 and was responsible for putting a stop to the out of control cartel killings. In 2011 he was appointed police chief of Ciudad Juarez where he cleaned house at the police department pushing out corrupt cops . At the time the city was known as “Murder City” with over 3,000 killings a year. He served for two years before retiring in 2013.  The shooting that occurred was likely connected to the many enemies he made during his time in command. He was shot once in the neck and once in the back and is in stable condition.  If you want to read a good summary of the Cartels in Mexico I suggest the book, “Midnight in Mexico”, by Alfredo Corchado. While a bit of a self promoting book it has very good statistics and will give you a history of what caused Mexico to be such a corrupt and Cartel owned country today.