NAFTA: Oh what a sweet deal it was going to be for the United States. Three partner nations, the United States, Canada, and Mexico, made this agreement for the purpose of developing free trade, and more prosperity, for all. The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA) was sold to American workers just like TPP is being sold to them today. “You don’t need the details, trust me, it will be great”.

In 2004 11.6 million cars were built in the U.S. which was 74% of 15.8 million cars built industry wide in the three countries.  In 2014 the U.S. production dropped to 11.4 million cars or 67% of the 16.9 million cars built industry wide in the NAFTA countries.  Mexico production in 2004 was 1.4 million cars or 9% of the total cars built in NAFTA. In 2014 Mexico production  was double that, at 3.2 million cars, or 19% of the 16.9 million total cars produced. You can do the math on Canada’s figures but they are sinking faster than ours.

Of further note is that many cars labeled built in America are assembled in America while various parts may be built outside the United States. Auto Parts, that in the past were built and shipped to the U.S. auto makers from U.S. manufacturing companies, are not coming from Mexico. The real loss of jobs from NAFTA goes well beyond the mere manufactured units.

The bottom line for me is that less jobs and less pay has been what American workers have gotten from NAFTA. Help me understand how that is good for America. Also, help me understand how TPP will be ” a better deal yet”!