I had a problem with my AT&T phone/internet bill. I called the 800 number and after some electronic voice prompts finally got to a human being. The only problem for me though was this human being was off shore, he sounded like India. He was  very nice, spoke very clear English, but in the end had to send my over to the “retention department” after I said I was just going to drop the service. Without getting into the details of my complaint, normal user stuff, when he sent me to the “retention department” I was back talking to someone in America. The reason I know this is I asked and she told me. She managed to salvage my account and I got to keep my discounts for another year. I was happy, yet I was very disgusted.

What jumped out at me was the city of Baltimore. The unemployment numbers there and the fact that we have so many inner city people who could be trained to do just as good a job as this Indian fellow and it would boost our own economy and help people become self supporting.

I have some questions:

How much did sending these jobs to India boost the AT&T profits?

How many countries are sending jobs to American workers?

Why do out politicians not pass legislation to make this kind of thing unprofitable or even illegal?

How much of this “screwing of the American people” goes on because of Corporate Political Influences?

Why did no one listen when the “Flying Postman” did his civil disobedience in order to point out how Corporate Influence over our elected officials is totally corrupt?

Has America become a Corporatocracy?

What corporations are doing this and can we get a list?