We have alarmingly high numbers of jobless people in every city and town in America. No longer can we pretend the homeless holding the signs, “need help lost my job” or “will work for food” or “have family lost job” are just drug users who are too lazy to work.  Do we really see these people or are they just part of the background of our day, barely noticed for their blending in with their own signs, concrete islands and cars?  Sherlock Holmes replied to Watson when asked how he solved a difficult case with….”most people see, but I observe”!

Will you continue to just “see the warnings” or are you ready to “observe them” ? How do we reconcile these desperate fellow citizens with the news reports we hear about a rebounding economy, a 5% jobless rate, or the stock market up again? There is stark incongruity here. We see one thing, but are told another. We know the reality of our own sinking wages, standard of livings, and the ever-increasing inflation that kills our ability to get ahead. Yet we are lulled into believing the reports…it is going well and getting better.

That works only until we lose our job, or a family member loses their job, or our college graduate finds himself or herself working for free as an intern, or if they are lucky they get offered $15.00 per hour ( the new minimum wage ). Hey, what about all those special visas the these companies use to bring in engineers, doctors, computer soft ware specialists and all sorts of workers to fill jobs that Americans supposedly cannot do? Why are we doing that, and how did it happen?

Thank God our Congress has been looking out for the companies by providing these foreign workers. They have gone to Congress (by way of the lobby system) for help as they report there are not enough skilled American citizens to keep their companies going, especially college or trade educated.  The H1B Visa workers come in and normally work for less…. because there are not enough American citizens with the skills to do the work and they are very happy to be in America. The H1B Visa program approved by your very own Congresspersons and Senators!  Fellow citizens be sure to listen well when they ask for your vote telling you how well they took care of your jobs and the future of your children and grandchildren. Listen to them well…. but better still “observe their deeds” .

If the companies are not taking advantage of the H1B visa program at the expense of jobs for our young people they are just packing up their plants and moving out of the country.  Nabisco, Carrier, and Ford have just moved plants to Mexico, to name but a few.  By the way the H1B visa program has been used and abused by almost all industries, even Disney!  Disney has brought in workers under this program! Who is getting hurt by these policies?  Well, fellow citizens, it is more than just you and me getting hurt. It is our children and grandchildren, and the very future of our free nation that is being hurt. No, not just hurt, we have been mortally wounded by our very own leaders in Congress.

So when Mr. Trump calls for rebuilding America and putting American workers  back to work with a 21st Century infrastructure rebuilding program that will provide good paying jobs for the next 30 years… we should at least listen to him.When he talks about stopping the unfair trade deals set up by all of our wonderful politicians lining their pockets… we should at least listen to him. When he talks about how lobbyists, some of whom represent foreign countries, control our political leaders… we should at least listen to him. When he talks of building a wall on our southern border, to stop illegal immigration, drugs, and terrorist from entering unchecked… we should at least listen to him.

Fellow citizens I believe we should not only listen to Mr. Trump, we should, and must, vote for him.  Failure to do this now will be the end of the future for our great nation. Donald Trump does not just “see” these things, he “observes” them, and he knows we must act now. We cannot allow our children and grandchildren a future life in the third world. I do not want this to be my legacy, or the legacy of my generation. I believe Mr. Trump will do his best to Make America Great Again. I am hoping my fellow citizens will give him the opportunity to do so!


Disclosure:The Pomorski Report officially endorses Donald Trump for President 2016