Holy Toledo!  Donald Trump is taking hits on all sides. He is doing his best to communicate to the voters what he wants to do for America and for our children and grandchildren. Make no mistake Mr. Trump knows what has been going on, he has even profited from the corrupt, but legal, lobby system. Yet he is rich enough and smart enough to know we cannot keep doing business as usual. So just what has he proposed to do if we elect him as our next President?

1.He will start a 21st Century infrastructure rebuilding plan that will provide good paying jobs at all levels for the next thirty years. This will do two things, put people back to work, and upgrade our crumbling infrastructure. It will also help get us out of debt and step our children and grandchildren into a prosperous future.

2.He proposes to make new trade deals which are fair and even beneficial to our nation and our workers. He will end the corrupt lobby system where special interests direct our leaders like puppets on a string. Our elected Congresspersons and Senators who vote on these deals get paid big bucks….lets call it what it is… bribes.  These are legal bribes by a “legal lobby system” which if our founding fathers could see they would be back tossing tea in Boston Harbor starting a new American Revolution.  We should not naively think Mr. Trump can change this system overnight but the very fact he has put the spot light on these things has brought the forces together to oppose him.   Just who are these forces? Everyone from the RNC, the DNC, the Liberal Media, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio, and all of the foreign interests who continue to benefit from the one sided, so called free trade, our government readily agrees to. Their fear is that we, the people, might just figure things out and realize our political leaders have been lying cheating stealing and fornicating all in the name of taking care of the American people and our future. He is a threat to the system that benefits the elite and keeps the people thinking they are represented. By the way did you know foreign nations and corporations can lobby our political Representatives? They have access to them that you and I can never get.

3. He proposes to build a wall on our Southern border in order to keep out illegals, terrorists, and drugs. The border was weakened under President Bush the Lesser, and then under President Obama. We cannot continue to allow our border to be porous and keep our country safe.  Mr Trump is not proposing we stop legal immigration just that we make people get in line and we make sure we know who we are allowing in. He has also proposed not allowing Muslims to enter our country until we know who they are.  He has also suggested that we not take any refugees from Syria because there is no possible way of knowing who is and who is not a terrorist. For all these ideas he has been dubbed a racist, fascist, anti-Semitic, bigot, hater of any and all minorities….. Wow.

4. He proposes to stop the exporting of our jobs and to bring jobs back that have been shipped out. He refers to Carrier Air Conditioning, Nabisco, and Ford as recent companies that have shipped factories out of the country. Mr. Trump suggests there are easy ways to turn things around. He says he will make good trade deals for our country by using the most skilled money people in our country to do the negotiating. This is his area of expertise and our children and grandchildren will benefit greatly.

5. He proposes to rebuild our military and also to charge other countries a fair share for our military costs of which they benefit greatly. We have been paying now it is time others to ante up. He suggests that he will not tolerate Generals and Secretaries doing public interviews with media down playing or being negative about our military capabilities.He wants to build up the forces for the 21st Century challenges ahead.

These are only five things Mr. Trump has proposed to do if elected President. By virtue of the fact everyone, and I do not understate everyone,  has him in their sights, this fight is not a fair one.  I am in his corner because I know that what he is saying about the country and the system is right on the mark. We need a non-Washington, business oriented, President in order to turn things around and help our nation prosper again.  I want to give my kids and grand kids a chance for a safe, free, prosperous life. There is no way things will change if Cruz, Kasich, or Clinton are elected. They are bought and paid for, their Democrat or Republican stripes are one and the same, they are business as usual and we will continue to degrade.

You may not like Donald Trump but I believe you need Donald Trump. I believe him to be sincere and honest and know that he will do all he can to make a better country for our future. I cannot say that for the rest of them. Mr. Trump really means it when he says we are going to ” Make America Great Again”.   I sure hope he gets the chance.  Mk