I am a believer in jumping in on important tasks or endeavors as soon as possible. I believe this has created in me a certain impatience toward those who are more reticent, or reflective, about starting new challenges. I am confident it is better to make careful analysis before jumping forward, especially with bigger things like school, jobs, moves, and of course spouses. However, being of the age now where I have a lot of look back on years, and probably far less look forward years, it is clear to me that it is better to jump in the lake than to sit on the shore wondering if there could be a snake, alligator, or a crazy scuba diver down there just waiting to get me.

What am I saying? To young people I urge you to think big and do not fear making big decisions. Failure, or a wrong choice, should not be something to fear. The thing to fear is indecisiveness which leads to paralysis which leads to indecisiveness….and it becomes a life long circle. I can tell you I have made a lot of mistakes….no, a huge amount of mistakes. But I can also say I have had more successes, done more things, traveled to more places, and had more fun than I could have dreamed when I was younger. I leave you with these thoughts;

1. Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all…. Dale Carnegie
2. I know the price of success: hard work,dedication, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen…. Frank Loyd Wright
3. Nothing is more freeing than the force of duty: duty to self,to family,to church,to God,to work,to Country…Duty Frees the Soul…. Mk
4. When you are at the plate, with the bat in your hand and a full count, and the pitch comes in you can only do one thing….swing at the ball…. Mk

Get out there and swing at those pitches…you will have a blast….and you know what? You will hit more balls than you could have thought and will even send some  over the fences! Mk