In the movie “Six Days,Seven Nights”, after crash landing and finding they are marooned on a desert island, Harrison Ford asks Anne Heche, “Do you want it sugar coated, or right between the eyes”? He then proceeds to tell her the reality of their dire situation. When he finishes Heche timidly asks…”could you give me the sugar coated version?”, to which Ford replies…”that was the sugar coated version”.

Our country is on the verge of economic collapse.The deficit is $19 trillion and growing. We can no longer pretend the political class can fix this, they have no clue. We need an experienced business minded President. The situation is dire. The American people,like Anne Heche’s character in the movie, want it sugar coated. The only reason we are learning how bad things are is because of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. He has highlighted the huge trade deficits, corrupt lobby system, ridiculously rigged delegate system, jobs lost due to near treasonous trade deals, and the immigration issue, plus so much more.

Donald Trump has, for the most part, given it to us….right between the eyes. I hope we have the courage and vision to elect him President. One more administration of business as usual, and sugar coated lies from our political leaders, will likely spell the end of the Republic. Mk