I watched the Masters final round this past Sunday and it was both entertaining and inspirational. Jordan Spieth showed so much class. It is easy to be classy when you are winning, or crowned the victor, much harder when you are in the midst of blowing it and everything is falling apart. Even worse though is blowing it while everyone in America could be watching your total choke.

Jordon was on the back 9 with a three shot lead. All he had to do was maintain pars, and maybe one birdie at best. He had the Masters in his hand, his to lose. Well unfortunately golf is a really hard game. He shot a 7 on a par 3, basically coming unglued, and he lost the Masters as a result. He did not just lose it though, he lost being a back to back winner. Since he won the Masters last year tradition requires that he put the green jacket on the winner, in this case, Englishman Danny Willett. With the heartbreak, and I am sure embarrassment, engulfing him, he held it in and was a gracious loser. He even seemed genuinely happy for Willett’s special moment.

We do not teach young people how to lose graciously. In fact today there is an aversion to even teaching kids about winning and losing. The fear is we could harm their developing self esteem. I am pretty sure Jordan Spieth’s parents taught him how to win and how to lose. There is no shame in losing, or failing, only in not trying. Jordan Spieth is still hurting from this loss but I would put money on the fact he is out there getting ready for the next tournament. For in life, just as in golf, the only shot that matters….is the next one. Mk