Where is the list? I have not seen one and I am pretty certain if there were a list it would be a short one…I mean really short.  As of right now even “a short list” is nowhere to be found.

The list I am looking for, and cannot find, is the list of Imams who stand against Radical Islamic teachings and terror. I want to see a written list of Imams in America, and also in the rest of the world, who tell their religious followers not to follow ISIS and not to support radicalism and terror. No squirming, fence sitting, or cow dung talk accepted. Stand up and show your followers, the so called “peaceful majority” of Muslims, and the rest of the world, your position against Radical Islam. If these Imams fail to openly stand against the ISIS ideology we can only assume they support it…and their followers will also assume this.

Hillary Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama continue to warn Americans against calling the enemy Radical Islam.  They state their concerns are for the peace loving “silent majority” who they do not want to alienate.  We are asked to believe Hillary Clinton when she repeats the Obama mantra that “Islam is a Religion of Peace”.  More recently we are asked to trust the judgement of so called Middle East expert, Mr. Petraeus, who warns when we refer to the terrorists as “Radical Islamic Terrorists” it feeds their propaganda machine and expands their recruiting successes.

This is the same former Four Star General, by the way, who enjoyed the pleasures of a mistress while in the war theater at the same time many of his soldiers served multiple tours away from home and loved ones and spent 90% of their time confined on bases often up to 12 months at a stretch. To Mr. Petraeus I simply say… go play golf with Mr. Obama.

I believe what will stop ISIS recruiting is a two month life span for their new terror fighters…in other words a two month tour of duty… then they die. After awhile it will become harder and harder for them to sell the benefits of serving in the ISIS Army. Their recruiting slogan could be “2 and out”…or maybe… ” Virgins Away My Boys…”.

If I ever do see “the list” and it did show a large majority of Islamic Imams openly preaching and teaching against Radical Islam and ISIS I will sit right up and listen to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Petraeus. In the mean time I will continue to support leaders like Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Rush Limbaugh and so many others who make it clear the threat to our freedom and our future is Radical Islam, regardless of how many passive peaceful followers Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are worried about.

You see there really is a battle for Islam taking place. Either Islam will be cleansed of this abhorrent radical evil, or it will be consumed by it.  For the present “Islamic Radicalism” is the logo of Islam. If the passive majority of Muslims are offended then they need to step up and take back their faith. If they fail to do so then ISIS and Radical Islam will be destroyed from without, by the United States.

The fight for true Islam is not ours in the West to fight. We may want Islam to be a “Religion of Peace” but we can only hope those affected, the silent majority, will have the courage to openly oppose radicalism and terror.  In the meantime we will continue to label this threat for the evil and danger it presents to our way of life and to democratic freedoms throughout the world.

So I will end as I began…Where’s the list?      Mk