The song Everybody Knows was written in the 60’s by Canadian song writer and poet, Leonard Cohen.  The lyrics are poetic, prophetic, penetrating, profound and provocative…..that’s a lot of “P”s!  No matter your view of Cohen the first stanza of this song rings true today.

I know many of you understand the system is rigged, and has been rigged for a long time, but something has changed in the past 16 years. The rigging has permeated our democratic system to the very core. The players on both teams are benefiting, no matter who wins the election. Why is it that even so called establishment conservatives like Paul Ryan,George Will, Charles Krauthamer, Mitt Romney, John McCain, …the list is huge, are neutral, or worse, are for Clinton?  Why does Big Business, the Wall Streeters, the Foreign Players, contribute money to both candidates in major political campaigns today

Our political representatives no longer represent us.  The system is rigged…they are beholding only to big business, big banks, and big money…and sadly much of it if foreign based. As Donald Trump states…”they are bought and paid for….hugely”.

Donald Trump is not the Prince on the White Horse coming to save us. He is a flawed candidate in so many ways. One thing he does have though, and it is a rare quality in politics, is “kahunas”.  He is not afraid to speak the truth.  Even though he is prone to misspeak, over speak, and miss opportunities, he is singing loud and clear the lyrics of Leonard Cohen….”Everybody Knows”….. which translated means simply that everybody,every single American, better realize what they know and not let things continue, or we will lose our freedoms and our country. This is the Trump message and we need to listen to it.

There is no time left to hope things will not get worse, no time left to ignore the prophecy of where we are headed, no time left to let the political class play us for common fools. We must all dig down and ask ourselves if we are willing to leave our children an empty shell for their future, or are we going to try to make our country great again?

Please enjoy the first stanza of the lyrics of Cohen below and see them through the lens of this election. Remember our Congressmen and Senators have all gotten richer and richer….while we, the people, well ……”Everybody Knows”!

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

LEONARD COHEN, SHARON ROBINSON….Read more: Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows Lyrics | MetroLyrics