I was part of the 100 million plus television debate viewers last night. I found it very good television. It was entertaining, somewhat informative, and even provided me with a few good laughs. I am going to share my thoughts about the very first question and also about a second question that came later in the debate as they relate to the “Feigned Outrage” the media and Hillary Clinton display.

The very first question had to do with the “locker room type comments” by Mr. Trump that were disparaging toward women, and extremely crude.  I must ask why these private comments, which are so damaging to women, and especially young women, are being played on television “over and over” by all the media outlets as well as on hundreds of Hillary Clinton’s televised campaign ads all across America?

Is it because the media and Hillary Clinton are really concerned about keeping young women from hearing such degrading things? Or, is it because they think the comments are so bad, that even though replaying this private conversation over and over in a public way will harm young people, it is warranted as a way to keep this “woman abuser” from being elected?  Sort of a “public duty”, like publishing a pedophile address list?

I think the answer is obvious to any thinking American voter. There is no concern for our children and grand children by the media, or by the Clinton campaign. If they were concerned they would not have released this private tape in such a public way over and over over….”thirty days” before the election. This is dirty politics 101. Did Trump say these things? Yes he did and he has apologized for them. He takes the hit for his past on this, and other things too. However the moralizing by Hillary Clinton when she played some pretty dirty politics here is revealing. Their message is designed to slander and damage Mr. Trump as a flawed person with no character and not worthy of being the next President of the United States.

The second question came later in the debate and had to do with what each candidate thought about having a more well mannered campaign or less attack based.  The answer Hillary gave was revealing of her ability to say whatever she thinks might work. She said she has tried to keep her campaign on issue and not fall into the dirt.  Incredulous….just utterly incredulous in the face of the last three days of media blitzing.  She dug up this 11 year old private conversation of Donald Trump’s, distributed it to all the media networks, and then put it all over the country on her campaign ads, and she tells us what a clean campaign she is running. Hillary you cannot get much dirtier than this.

The suggestion that the disparaging comments that Donald Trump made in private 11 years ago, which were not intended to be public, and which were by all accounts locker room banter, somehow just appeared and got on all the networks and all the television news programs in America is on the face of it full “Irony” at its best.

To the Media and to Hillary Clinton I say you can keep your feigned outrage. It is fake to the very core.  The American people are far smarter than you think, and on election day, Donald Trump will win.  He will win because most Americans know it is about the economy, security, prosperity and the future of our children and grand children.

Michael Hawke