The “Mainstream Democratic Media Machine” thinks we are pretty darn dumb.  During the days of the Soviet Union their media was an arm of the State, and as such there was no objective journalism.  The stories were only allowed if they supported the State’s Communist propaganda agenda.

Today, in America, we essentially have the same thing going on. The Democrats and the Main Stream Media walk arm in arm. The Mainstream Media is an arm of the Democrats and as such there is no objective journalism. The stories are only allowed if they support the Liberal, Globalist, propaganda agenda.

During the recent town hall Presidential debate, moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, this bias was easily observed.  At one point Raddatz began to partake in the debate, becoming a surrogate for Hillary. She corrected and challenged Trump on one of his comments regarding the Syrian war. This was another “Candy Crowly” moment reminiscent of the Romney debate debacle, and which now seem to be the norm in Presidential debates.

Anderson Cooper’s question “are you a predator” to Trump offered a clear picture of just how arm in arm the Mainstream Media and the Democrats now walk. Cooper started out the debate by going right to the “locker room” comments of Trump, caught on a hot mike a 12 years ago, which had been all over the Media in the previous few days. Cooper gave a very pompous, moralistic, lead up to his initial question, painting Trump as a predator and abuser.

I would argue that when you run for President your sins will find you out…. but they will do so much more widely if you are a Republican.  In this case I do not defend Trump, or his comments of 12 years past. They reflect him to be a very worldly and shallow person at that moment in time. Yet, what should be bothersome to the voters is the “false outrage” the Mainstream Media is displaying. Not only is this outrage false, the apparent cause of it has been manipulated for political gain.

Anderson Cooper ended his opening statements with a very defined question to Donald Trump. He asked him if he had ever groped, or forced himself, on women.  Cooper pressed this question until he got the answer he wanted, which was a strong denial from Trump. By all accounts Donald Trump won this town hall debate handily. He won it talking about things that matter most to American voters; jobs, economic security for their kids and grand kids futures, borders, and rebuilding our military. Good results, good debate, no question he stomped her! But wait…did he?

Monday the Mainstream Media abuser attacks on Donald Trump began in earnest culminating on Thursday night when Anderson Cooper interviewed Jessica Leeds on CNN News. Who is Jessica Leeds you might be asking?  She is a woman who decided, after watching Donald Trump deny he was a predator, that she must come forward, stand up, and tell the whole world her story…..29 days before the election.  Anderson Cooper did his journalistic duty by putting her, with her story of being abused by Donald Trump, on the CNN nightly news. Thank you for protecting American women Anderson.

Jessica Leeds stated she was on an airplane 35 years ago and was seated in first class next to Donald Trump. She said it was a long time ago but thought it was a Brannif flight to New York City. She then gave a very detailed account of how Donald Trump reached over and kissed her, and groped her. She basically said he sexually attacked her on this flight to New York while sitting in first class.

What is obvious to me, and should be to you as well, is that Anderson’s first question to Donald Trump was so specific there can be not doubt this was all a pre-planned action.  Anderson Cooper and the Media Democrat machine had this lady in the wings ahead of time. Hillary Clinton’s comments during the debate emphasized Trump as a sexual predator of the lowest kind attacking and abusing women at will.

So Thursday night Anderson Cooper comes out with this ” breaking story” on the latest of Donald Trump’s many victims, and the American voting public must be shocked?  This whole thing is so transparently a set up I cannot believe any American voter would be dumb enough not to see right through it.

But guess what people….the Mainstream Media Democratic machine has weighed the average American voter’s intelligence….and found it to be wanting.  Their view of us is not merely that we are ” Dumb”, but that we are indeed ” Very Dumb”…the dumbest sort of dumb.

If anyone is interested…. I am selling the Golden Gate Bridge for fifty bucks.

Michael Hawke