Good Morning America:

It is a cloudy morning here in, “America’s Finest City”, San Diego. I need to wear a sweater to walk the dog today and it looks like we might even get a drizzle out of these clouds.  The forecast calls for a 50% chance we might have to use our wipers when driving, but only on intermittent. A drizzle for us is like a full day of rain for you folks living East of the Mississippi. We take what we can get.

Thomas Alva Edison was an optimist. He never focused on his failures, just reaching new discoveries.  We all need to take a lesson from the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas failed every day, yet he kept researching, trying new things, and never even had the concept of ”I give up” in his makeup.  His response to being reminded of his failures; “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

The only way we can make progress is by experimenting. Our daily lives each begin with unknowns, big and small, about to be discovered. We must not let our past failures limit our daily walk today.  Be like Thomas Edison…move forward, knowing your life is not defined by your misses, but rather by your hits.

Keep Swinging!

Michael Hawke