IT’S OFFICIAL:  The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. They will be second fiddle to the Rams. My guess is Dean Spanos will stay in LA three to five years and then sell the team…. at about 50 times the profit amount he would have gotten had he stayed in San Diego. I applaud our citizens for being so forward thinking and rejecting the underwriting of the multi-billion dollar NFL. We will be followed by more cities that will say “adios”. Our citizens can take that hotel increase and use it on our infrastructure to improve the quality of our city for our children and future generations. We do not need a downtown stadium. Frankly, I am glad to know Colin Kapernick will not be kneeling down here next year to disrespect our country and the brave men and women who serve in uniform, to include our police.

TRUMPS FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE:  Humorous, informative, hopeful, and mostly he reminded the Press, and the rests of us, that he is still Trump. No political savvy, bull dung, or politeness.  CNN, along with Buzz Feed, and other networks, spent the rest of the day trying to defend their new bench mark….are they fake news and if accused how do they shake the label?…gotta laugh….  Good luck CNN….the regular people on the street are watching less and less and less. Clergy, Police, Press….these three need to be credible and have good reputations. CNN you are in trouble.

PLANNING THE ENDEAVOR TRIP TO CUBA: I hope to leave November 1st. More details will follow as plans develop. Sitting on Endeavor at Harbor Isle Marina in San Diego.

DISINFORMATION: The US Military, along with our CIA and other defense agencies, use psychological warfare all the time. The term for one type of action is “Disinformation”. Disinformation is closely related to “Propaganda”. One way this is used is by spreading fake, or false, information through media and other sources in order to confuse the enemy and disrupt their support. The whole fake news stuff that has recently come out is not new. The News Networks have long been in bed with the government.  The whole beltway elite ruling class has just been found out by the common guy on the street. Currently all that is being put out in the media; the Putin hacking stuff, the Trump compromise leaks, and the rest, have been reported and disseminated for one reason, and one reason only…to confuse the people. Their technique is the use of “disinformation”. The cover being created is for the Clintons and Obama. The problem they are having is that Trump is calling them out publically as he did today in his press conference and the common guy on the street is finally seeing the truth. The light is now shined on these guys. Bad things are likely coming from all of this. President Trump gets it, does not like it, and will fight it. I just hope he can garner some support from those who have power and still a seed or two of morality. He cannot win this alone….more to come.

PRAY EVERY DAY: Remember to start and end each day in prayer.  Five areas of prayer; Praise, Thanksgiving, Repentance, Supplication, and Intercession.