My suggestion to President Elect Donald Trump is to be gracious leading up to the inauguration. Everyone loves a gracious winner. You won the girl Donald….relax and enjoy the wedding.

To Congressman John Lewis, D-Georgia, I commend you for your courage and sacrifice in fighting for equality and civil rights for all. That being said Congressman I now condemn you for your race baiting during this Inaugural Week for President Elect Donald Trump. Can a person be a hero in one area of their life and a self serving liar in another? Yes, of course, and you have just illustrated it for all of America to see. I believe we call that hypocrisy, sir!

Mr. Lewis, sir, what are you trying to gain by pushing the lie that Russia caused Hillary to lose the election? Or the lie that Hillary by barely winning the the popular vote somehow invalidates Trumps Electoral College win? Congressman you have been a law maker in this country for how many years? You must know full well Presidential elections are won and lost by electoral votes, and have been from the beginning of the Republic. Yet you race bate….you incite division….you lie and spread disinformation. Why?

Congressman, as for your choosing to not attend the Inauguration I would say I am sorry to hear you choose to miss this opportunity to show respect for our laws and to build unity as President Trump begins his term of office.  Our country is based on the Constitution and every four years we display to the world a peaceful transfer Presidential power. You choose instead to announce to the world that this election was somehow rigged, a coup of sorts, illegitimate, a sham. You know better, shame on you for this self serving act.

Yet, looking  on the bright side, your loss is another’s gain. I know  there are a great many of my fellow citizens who would love to take your seat at the table. In fact the recent count of 21 Democrats having decided not to attend should allow for 21 common citizens, who actually understand our Constitution, to take in this historical event. In the mean time Congressman may I suggest you and your colleagues not lose the day but rather should spend it attending a refresher course…. on leadership!

Michael Hawke