SEVEN BRIDGES: For those who want to exercise without mindlessly doing so there is the Seven Bridges Walk in San Diego. Just google the ” Seven Bridges Walk San Diego ” for directions to this pleasant 5.5 mile outing.

TWENTY SMILES: No one smiles much anymore. Be honest about it, you don’t either. Whenever we meet one of those “natural smilers” we always come away feeling good. What is a natural smiler you ask? A natural smiler is a person gifted with, and they might say cursed with, the inability to do anything but smile. They get scolded by their parent, spouse, teacher, or boss and they smile…a nervous reaction that is as uncontrollable as breathing for them.  A twitch that gives them inner angst and causes them to be momentarily misunderstood.  Sorry to say, for the rest of us, smiling is something we mostly do not do.

Truth be told smiling is good for our health, and the health of others. Try smiling at 20 people today. Give them a big smile as you order your hamburger, pay your toll, or greet your work colleagues. After a week of giving 20 smiles out a day you can up it to thirty, then forty, and who knows…you might just become a “natural smiler” spreading joy to everyone you meet throughout the day. What a great way to live!

THAT…I THINK I REALLY SCREWED UP FEELING:  We have all been there. We make a decision and before too long we get an overwhelming feeling that screams at us…”you blew it, you messed up big, you idiot”…and so on. Generally when we get these post decision feelings we ignore them. When the feelings get stronger we try pushing them way to the back of our consciousness. This only works for a short time. If we are lucky we listen to the inner warnings in time and adjust as needed…. and if not so lucky, we suffer the consequences.

I believe Dean Spanos, the owner of the San Diego Chargers, is having these feelings right now. They are screaming at him….”Dean you are a dummy….the rights to develop 300 plus acres at a $1.00 a year?…you idiot”!  His decision to move the Chargers North to Los Angeles was, lets be kind….plain stupid.  He has a brief window of time where he can reverse this disastrous move, with the help of his NFL owner peers, but I kind of think he is shoving the voices way down…sorry for him………we have all been there.

Michael Hawke