Liars: As Mark Twain once said there are three kinds of liars; there are liars, there are damned liars, and there are lawyers. I would have to say lawyers do not hold a candle to the lying and shameless manipulation the Media displays every day in our country.

Facts On The 7 Country Ban:  This is not a Muslim Ban….please get the facts right Media. This is a ban on immigrants or travelers from these countries. It is a temporary ban.

1. There are between 7 and 8 Billion people on planet Earth today. That’s a lot of folks. Most of these people live on or below the margins of the poverty level.

2. There are between 1.6 and 2 Billion Muslims.

3. There are roughly 220 Million Muslims living in the seven countries listed in the recent travel ban. This is roughly 13% of all Muslims living in the world today. Most of all those other Muslims are free to travel to the U.S.

4. The seven countries are: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan.

5. In these seven countries less then 2% is other than Muslim.

6. These 7 countries are havens for terrorist and are all anti Christian and anti Jewish. They also execute gays and treat women as property. There are a variety of radical Islamic groups in these countries.

7. Vetting people coming from these countries is to insure we are only letting in good people who wish to visit and or emigrate to America. Vetting is not a new thing it a common practice by many countries including our own.

8. The Media incited these protestors by giving them a platform and by not doing their job which is to present the facts…just the facts please. The Media has forgotten how badly they lost along with Hillary Clinton. They are still clinging to their old methods, apparently forgetting the American People have figured them out. That is why Donald Trump is President. This might be a time to move back to Journalism and stay outside of the political arena.  Credibility is easy to lose but very hard to regain.


Michael Hawke