DAWDLING STREET CROSSERS: I wonder how these people get anything done. They make turtles look like Great Danes. They walk any slower and they will be going backwards. What makes these people fail to process that when they drive they have to wait for snails like themselves?  There should be a timer…get across before a horn beeps or get fined, and or run over.

RUDE MOTORCYCLISTS:  You are in stop and go commuter traffic on the freeway. You sit there thinking, listening to your radio, or just mindlessly half awake. Then out of nowhere a guy on a bike comes shooting up between the lanes, all legal mind you,  and buzzes so close to your car you nearly jump off the seat.  The noise and whoosh of air which made you jump also made you very mad. Off they go…there you continue to sit.

The mufflers on some bikes are so loud they could cause ear damage. These riders love to run through parking garages setting off the car alarms. They never get caught or ticketed for the noise abuse.

Lane weaving at speeds pushing a 100 mph in traffic. These guys have a death wish. I always pray they will not “eat it” in front of me as I do not want to pick these idiots up and try to save them after subjecting innocent drivers to their horrific crash.

SOCCOR PLAYERS WHO FLOP: The fake injury in professional soccer is ridiculous. It brings the game away from the great athletic sport it is and moves it toward Big Time Wrestling. Stop the flops.

BULLY BOSSES: These people are the worst. They know nothing about real leadership, are very insecure, and create toxic work environments. These bosses need to be booted.

MEDIA WHO PRETEND TO DO JOURANALISM: The drive by media, mostly to the left and liberal, have surrendered their journalistic duty in order to take part in the political parties. They specialize in disinformation, lies, and fake stories. What a shame that today people can no longer get objective news reported to them.

WEAK POLITICAL LEADERS:  The San Diego City Council is very weak. Only one board member is able to stand up to the media and lobby pressures and vote for his constituents.  In general most politicians specialize in self preservation and self centered thinking. They also feed off the corrupt lobby system.

HOMELESS PEOPLE BEGGING ON EVERY CORNER: I do not judge or begrudge them for this. I hold the municipalities at fault. I can think of ten jobs that would help the community and also benefit these people. There is so much that can be done to help them get back on track. Mostly the city just talks and talks…..things get worse and worse.