HARRISON’S FLYING: Flying an airplane is a great experience but is not for the faint of heart. For those of us who fly we see it as an “acceptable risk”. Do things right, follow the rules, be safety minded….you will likely live a long time and go places few human beings, in all of history, have only dreamed of going.

An old pilot truism states; “there are old pilots and there are bold pilots…but there are no old, bold pilots”.  Harrison Ford is an “old pilot” and he got that way by being safe and professional in his flying. He will no doubt learn what went wrong, make a mental fix, and continue to be a “pro” flying safely for many years to come. I would fly with him any day.

As an afterthought John Wayne International is a busy airport and can be tricky due to the mix of small planes and commercial jets flying in and out of the same airspace and landing on the same runway.

QUINN’S ALE HOUSE-SHERATAON SAN DIEGO: I must put in a plug for one of the best kept secrets in San Diego. Quinn’s very youthful, and friendly staff make this a great place to eat dinner, grab a happy hour, or just end the day with an ice cream and tea. Great prices, quality food and drink. Quinn’s is a fun,sophisticated, pub. Kudos to Julia, Jana, and Justin….great servers!

EXCELLENCE:  “Excellence can be attained if you Care more than others think is wise, Risk more than others think is safe, Dream more than others think is practical, and Expect more than others think is possible”.  Author Claude Bissell

DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE: My father shared this with me when I was a small boy. It has many applications that go well beyond the monetary benefits. I have remembered this and cherish it. I have also proven it true as much by not following the principle as I have by following it.

DUTY FREES US: Nothing is more freeing in life than the “force of duty”- duty to God, to self, to family, to church, to work, to country…duty frees!

STAND STRONG: Permanence, perseverance and persistence in the face of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities; it is these things that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. You can be strong….!