Jihad is not just by the sword. Ten years ago a famous London Imam boasted in an interview that all of Europe, including Great Britain, will be under Sharia law in twenty years or less. He said they are doing “Jihad by the Birth” with all Muslim immigrants entering Europe. These Muslim families are told to have many children. The good Imam stated how many but I do not recall…it is certainly more than four and likely closer to seven or more.

Meanwhile European young couples are reproducing at the phenomenal rate of something like 1.5 kids per couple. In other words they are not even replacing themselves. Not hard to do the math here is it?  Why are the media not doing this math?  Why not you ask? Because it would take a journalist to do this…too hard, too messy, too tough dealing with complex truths.

The recent misspeak by President Trump regarding Sweden was a mistake, not a big one either. His overall reference to Sweden and their problem was what should have been taken from it. Once again though, ” Gotchya” journalist had their story…too easy!What they did though was not just get the story wrong, they misled the American people once again. They insisted all is normal and peaceful in Sweden. So irresponsible and such a lie. Sweden is done…and their immigration policies are the reason.

But lets get to the bottom line…Sweden is in deep trouble because of their bleeding heart immigration policies of the past fifteen plus years. They are sinking and will soon not be the open, accepting, tolerant to the extreme, country they pride themselves in but instead be just the opposite. They will be an Islamic society in the strictest sense.

There are “fifty” plus “no go” regions where Sharia is strictly practiced. The police do not go into these neighborhoods without permission. Trump misspoke…not a terrorism attack in Sweden….whew…. glad to know all is well and fine there. The media will not do a fair story on what is going on in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Their story, their deduction… the President got it wrong…therefore his immigration order is in error, is somehow not…constitutional. I want to laugh but it is really not funny.

This lack of “real journalism” is dangerous. I wonder what they will be writing when the first European democratic nation falls from Jihad by the Birth?  I doubt they will write President Trump had it right.

Yet today they report  all smug with their story in hand….The President is somehow a stupid….there was no terror attack in Sweden last week.