Giant Ball: This is the name I have given to the sport that used to be called basketball. The current game should not be confused with the real thing.  Giant Ball is boring and eventually, when the players are all 7’0″ and taller, the game will die a natural death.

I grew up loving basketball and enjoyed playing and watching the game. I watched college, pros, listened to the games on radio, and went to see the Toledo Rockets as a kid. I played high school ball and then in the Army. That was in the late 1960s and early 1970s. By 1990 the game was done, changed forever. In dire need of resuscitation…call the paramedics!

The game changed and as President Trump might say….” it changed BIGLEY” ! For the younger people today this is the only game they know. Giant Ball is all about pushing, shoving, traveling, carrying the ball while dribbling, trotting to mid court in three long strides, intimidating referees, and dunking. I do not take away the good shooting but that has been the result of a smaller ball, hoop, and shrunken court. Too easy.

What can be done to save the game you ask? Well, I have a plan. I want to start a test league trying out different sized larger courts, taller hoops, a bigger ball, and an extra referee. This would help bring back defense, the use of the entire bench…as players will get gassed running instead of trotting…they will need need breaks. This all leads to greater strategy and finesse by teams and coaches. It will bring back the average size player to complement the big guys. It will be sport once more, and not showtime.

All I need is a former NBA star to help me save the game of basketball.  Bill Walton are you listening?

Micahel Hawke