Time To Get To Work:  President Trump has started out his administration strongly. He has been appointing very solid people for his cabinet and other key posts. He also has begun to formulate his plans to keep campaign promises as the focus of his Presidency.

The one thing he is doing wrong, and it will be his undoing if he continues, is the constant back and forth attacks on the media. Whether in his tweets, in Press Conferences, or in his rallies he should understand the American people get it. We know what he thinks about the Press…”Fake News Mostly”…. but it is time to move on. He needs to get to work. I get it and I know most voters get it too.

The media has been disgraced, proven to be liars and manipulators, clearly undressed as biased and fake. Stop the attacks Mr. President, ignore their stories, treat them like you would anyone who is an obvious liar.  We need your head in the game, not in a continued fight with the lying, cheating, media.