Insecurity: Young people today suffer from this malady at ever increasing numbers. One can gauge the insecurity of a person by viewing their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Giant Ball: I was challenged  by a friend that calling NBA basketball Giant Ball was not acceptable as it implied a harsh negativity toward very tall people. Well in order to keep all the PC people in their seats I will now, and in the future, always refer to “Giant Ball” as “Tall Ball”. Just doing my part.

Trump’s State of the Union Speech: Much kudos to the President. He stayed on message, communicated his vision and goals, and tried to be a unifier for the American people. The lobby rule he instituted was huge but has been overlooked. The President understands if the swamp is to be drained we need to flush the lobbyist out first. Like Obama Care the lobby system must be repealed and replaced.

Whatever Happened to Douglas Hughes (The Flying Mailman)? : Remember his gyrocopter flight to the Capitol in 2015 to deliver letters to each and every member of the Congress? He was a hero and his message was to be later picked up by the Trump campaign. He stood up to the Washington elites in Congress by delivering a letter in his gyrocopter to each member. The letter was about  the need to stop the corruption in government which is fueled by the lobby system. His message was popular but downplayed by the government and the media. They kept the focus on his breaking of the law with his illegal flight and gave minimal mention of the  purpose of his flight.

Hold Ups: RB Donut Shop was robbed this morning. Two armed white men with big bellies and a shotgun entered the store and cried out ” All right Mother Stickers….This is a F… up. They got away with all the donuts. It was reported they got into a black and white Crown Vic driven by a third individual. The suspects are thought to be retired Policemen. Consider them dangerous and call the Tip Line if you see anyone meeting their description.