“Illusionary News”:  President Trump refers to the news as ” Fake News”. He is right about this, however it begs further defining. Not all news is fake, just a whole lot of it. Therein lies the problem for the rest of us. We may as well be standing in line at the market reading the National Enquirer. There is no way for the average person reading Google, Yahoo, The New York Times, The San Diego Tribune, or any news source, to know what is true or false. I read it all, from the left or the right sources, as part fiction, part propaganda, and a small part truth.

“Counterfeit News Network….CNN”:  You could put MSNBC, and Fox ( to a lesser degree), as well as most television news programs in this category.

“Yahoo and Google Search Engine Pages”: Totally left wing, liberal, manipulation. The headlines as you scroll down are all manipulated stories. Those calling themselves ” journalists” today should be ashamed of themselves. They seek no truth but instead seek to push the liberal agenda. They will destroy our nation unless they turn things around and become “journalists “.

“Opinion not News”: Television talk shows, articles, web news sites, radio talk shows and all editorial information sites should be tightly defined and not presented as “the news”. These are “shows” like listening to any other type of information program.

“Baseball Season”: On a happier note baseball season is about to start. Thank goodness. Real athletes playing America’s Pastime… for our entertainment. These guys are just out there making millions, having fun, and keeping their ignorance on political and social matters to themselves….hopefully.