The Voyage of “My Dream” :  My friend Dan is on a solo sail to the Pacific Islands. He departed San Diego five days ago and is heading on a southwesterly course as we read this copy of his log, dated 4/10/2017.  Dan’s boat is named “My Dream” and sailing to the South Pacific has been his dream for most of his adult life. He is now following “His Dream”.  I will be keeping you up to date on Dan’s progress as his voyage evolves.

Tim Tebow was asked by a famous sports announcer how he could even think about trying to play major league baseball when his “best chance to succeed” was in football?  He replied ;  “Chances?…. it’s not about chances, it’s about following your dreams….”.   Thanks for following your dreams Dan.  You inspire us “big league”, and we are rooting for you brother!


Boy did we have a ride last night. Winds blowing 20 kts. I had to put a second reef in the main before dark and was flying only the stay sail. Still we were doing 7-8 kts before I went to bed, and several hours after that.

When I started my day at 06:30 (local time) we were still doing 5-6 kts, so I left the sails as they were. The boat was more upright yet cruising along at a decent clip. I wanted to charge the batteries and make some water. After an hour and a half the AP the AP indicated it had reached it’s “current limit”. What did that mean? I had no idea, so I shut down the generator and water maker, ate a brunch, and took a nap.

After a nap I tore all the stuff out of the lazarette to find the shelf (which happens to be unsupported and was holding a half a bucket of chain) had fallen in the path of the tiller arm, which prevented the AP drive from moving the rudder as it was supposed to do. Moving the chain to supported shelf in the lazarette  should prevent that from happening again, but there is now a new project on my list of things to do when I get to some place where it an be done ( it would be VERY difficult to tab in a support while under way.

I shook out one reef and left the stay sail up at 1700 (local).

Current Location=lat/lon 17* 48.6′ N, 124*38.9′ W

This has been a 142 mile day!….Yippee! Now that’s what I’m talkin about.