Dan’s Easter Sunday Update: Current location: lat/lon 07*51.8’N / 138*29.8’W

Hello to everybody, and Happy Easter. Halleluiah, He is Risen.

Not much to report today. Winds were good overnight. I shook out two reefs and flew the full main until a “system” rolled over me. I reefed again, just in time. It’s been slow going ever since and I think I will leave it this way for the night. I’d rather not have to get up in the middle of the night and reef in a blow, it’s safer that way. About four more days to the equator.

Love you all, Dan

Dan is solo sailing toward Tahiti and posts almost daily updates. He left from San Diego, California on March 23, 2017. Currently he is about three weeks North of Hiva Oha and is low on food. His spirit is strong and his sailing skills growing by leaps and bounds.