Cinco de Mayo is remembered for the unlikely victory over the French occupying Army at Puebla, Mexico. The Mexican Army was hugely outgunned yet prevailed. This was a great victory of courage and determination by the Mexicans and a shocking defeat for the French. The result of this defeat led to the French Army getting bogged down and unable to effectively move North to support the South in the American Civil War.

Cinco de Mayo is also remembered for the birth of Eva Guerrero in Veracruz, Mexico, on this date. Her family moved to Tijuana, Mexico where she was raised and where she has dedicated her life to women’s support groups, family, her many friends, and promoting La Ciudad de Tijuana North of the border, and throughout the world. She is known as “Eva Guerrero of Tijuana “, since just about everyone in Tijuana knows her or knows of her. She is one of the most beautiful women in all of Mexico and Latin America. Send her a Feliz Compleanos at 858-705-8486.

Street Tacos: If you have not been to Tijuana and eaten a real “street taco” you have not lived. This is something you must do before you die or your life will be an incomplete failure. Going to Tijuana is fun and easy from San Diego.

Caesars: If you go to Tijuana and fail to eat at Caesars you have missed one of the great world wide restaurants. People come from all over the world to dine there and you should too. The food is spectacular, the prices fair, and the service 5 Star. Did I mention the Caesar salad was invented there, that the Beatles ate there, that many of the Hollywood set over the years have eaten there? Caesars is a great dining and social experience not to be missed.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo…….Michael Hawke