The meaning of the title of this piece may not be clear to some so I will explain it. Difficult Things to Swallow means things that are just so wrong, so backward, so manipulative on their face, that they should be recognized for the lies they are. They are hard to listen to, hard to believe they are even presented with such presumed legitimacy…..these things are difficult for me to swallow….and I hope for you too. MH

China’s First Airliner: Everyone knows the design of this plane was reverse engineered and copied from both Boeing and Airbus plans. The Chinese are great at intellectual plagiarism and espionage. Kudos for that maybe, but not for the way they built this plane. They buy, steal, cheat, and then try to look smart. “Difficult to Swallow”.

The Pre-existing Health Condition Issue: Rush Limbaugh and many on the right argue that any new government health care program cannot cover people with pre-existing issues. They argue correctly that insurance is based on actuarial statistics and that it works because so many pay who have no problems and there is money to cover those who do have problems, just like car insurance.

The current new bill, just passed in the House, does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. The difficulty here is that they are acting like we are stupid, I mean really, really, dumb. As you will remember when Obama Care came in many people lost their health care and had to join one of the plans. These included people who had paid on policies for years and as they aged developed conditions. Now they are tossed into the Affordable Health Care program (Obama Care) and five or six years later are flat out of luck. Obama Care has collapsed and now Trump is putting forward Trump Care. So all of these people who now have pre-existing conditions have had their insurance ripped out from under them two or more times.

So who wins here? Think about it….the insurance companies win. As the companies begin to support Trump care they will charge these pre-existing people through the roof due to their joining with their pre-existing conditions.  Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Trump, and all the rest of you so called leaders….we need a single payer health care plan to cover all Americans. The bottom line is we the people want this…we do not want more F-35s.  We want health care. Get it done Political people or move over and let someone take over who can get it done.  Just stop with the ” pre-existing condition bull dung”….it is just too “Difficult to Swallow”. 

Building the Border Wall is Racist: This is so obviously wrong on several levels it is almost funny. Yet the left wing media, along with Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, have kept promoting this lie. First of all the “Wall” as it is referred to is already there in some places. San Diego has had a fence, and then a double border fence, for over thirty years. Guess what America, it has worked just fine. It has directed people to the gate, to the door, so to speak. Want to enter America? Use the front door. The left wing media labelling Trump a racist for wanting to secure our national borders is just wrong. Not only do they call him racist they are calling him fascist for wanting to keep this campaign promise. Remember left wing media….we conservatives voted for Mr. Trump because of his promise to secure our borders. I challenge the left wing media to go to downtown San Diego and fill a bus with homeless people and take them to the homes of all their reporters….I know they would welcome them right into their homes, no questions asked, right?  “Difficult to Swallow”.

Turkey Is Our Friend: Turkey is continually referred to as our friend. In fact Donald Trump is welcoming the Dictator President of Turkey to the White House. Turkey has been the friend to many politicians and former political and military leaders. They have made millions working for the Turkish Lobby. Yes, for those of you naïve about the Lobby System in America, foreign governments lobby our Representatives and government leaders. Quid Pro Quo and all that be damned. Turkey has undermined our government and gained undue influence. I say to the Turkish Government; acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the current effort to eliminate the Kurds, and the cozy sleeping arrangements with Russia.  Turkey is not our friend, never has been, and likely never will be. “Difficult to Swallow”.

The NBA is Real Basketball: This one gets me. NBA basketball is a long, long way from real basketball. Everyone knows it yet they keep the lie going. Eventually it will collapse in on itself, like a stock that has been supported way beyond it’s true value. No, the current game is not basketball, it is ” Tall Ball”.  Want to watch real basketball? Widen and lengthen the court, raise the hoops, increase the size of the ball, and then we can see the real game of basketball played again. The current game of professional basketball is a fake.  “Difficult to Swallow”.