18%    …The percentage of seats the University of California, at all campuses, reserves for out of State and out of Country incoming students. Almost 1/5th of all seats go to those not raised, schooled, or living in California. To all you parents dealing with your kids getting rejection letters because they do not cut the mustard, my sympathies. The only mustard you kids lack though is not smarts, but green money, and lots of it. Out of State and our of Country students get charged a whopping 27% fee on top of out of State tuition. Kind of looks like the Regents of the University of California are not running a California State University System but rather a play for pay at the expense of your kid and mine.

Students Walk Out:  On Vice President Pence’s commencement speech. I believe it is a commencement and they do not have to be there. They made their point. Now the school should take their time mailing out the diplomas, say like….. four years from now.

I understand the speech was very positive, uplifting, and motivating. Here again we see students, no, college graduates, who have not learned the lesson of listening to someone with a different point of view. I think in future years colleges will offer multiple halls where students can pick their commencement speaker. Can’t ruffle their feathers after all now that they are about to enter the real world.

The Russian Affair: My earlier piece on the Lobby System sheds light here. In sum though, what we need to understand is Russia, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia….and so many more have lobbyist in Washington D.C. calling on your Congressperson and mine to win favor and gain influence. This is nothing new. Our political leaders make professional hookers look like nuns. As long as the good Democrats keep wasting time not doing the work of the American people and pushing all this Russian collusion fake news they will face a whopping loss of seats in 2018. You heard it here first.

CNN Fake News: The problem with CNN and their reporting on this “Russian Affair” is they will do to the Democrats in 2018 what they did to them in the recent election…only much worse. They will cause the loss of more seats in both the Congress and the Senate. The problem with Democrats is they coexist with the liberal media creating and disseminating the fake news.  After a while they start believing their own lies thinking it is truth.  Hillary did this “bigley” and look at her now.  The American people recognize bull dung when they see it. You heard it here first.

Boy Kim: The recent photo of North Korea dictator Kim next to a rocket mounted on mobile rocket launcher made me think of my son and I when he was a kid. We used to have a “blast” firing model rockets. So many near misses and rocket engine failures along with successes too! I wonder if Kim is just playing with big toys in his mind, little as it is?

Memorial Day: I think we can all agree we need a mandatory military / civilian corps, service requirement for all young people. Young people who served in the military come into the work world with a whole lot more to offer than these spoiled puff balls coming out of colleges today. Think of the future; sacrifice and dedication to our nation right out of the chute is a win win for everyone, but mostly for them.