……..thinks the Russian election investigation is nothing but a ruse that most of the politicians and media understand and are perpetrating in order to handcuff President Trump from getting to his agenda.

……..thinks the reason most of the politicians in Washington (are bought and paid for) are feeding this fake investigation is because they have special interest support, of which much of it comes from overseas companies and countries who stand to lose if the American people win by Trumps trade, jobs, and other policies. In other words they do not represent we the people any longer.

…….thinks all of the praise heaped on Jim Comey from both sides of the aisle was vomitous to hear and only supports my thought above.

…….thinks both many Republicans and most Democrats serving as our Representatives in Washington should get to work and quit the endless, mindless, and phony investigations?

……..thinks about 90 percent of media stories are either totally fake or partly fake?

……..thinks there is an agenda to mug President Trump in order to handcuff him from doing the hard work of making America a better place for us….the American people?

……..thinks Jim Comey should have been fired and was in fact a big part of the leaking of fake news for personal and political reasons?

……..thinks Jim Comey gave Hillary Clinton a get out of jail free pass by determining she had “no intent” to commit a crime….and in fact should be investigated for his possible criminal behavior?

……..thinks that most people no longer trust the media, print, television, internet, or radio, to include their “fake low approval” polls?

……..thinks President Trump is naive about how dirty Washington Politics is but wants to truly fix and improve America and has good ideas for American workers, families, and our children’s futures?

…….thinks our elected Representatives are mostly self serving and have little willingness to work together to help America solve problems and go forward?

……..thinks listening to the media today, in any form, is a total waste of time. Their credibility as the presenters of factual information is completely ruined by their own doing.

……..thinks President Obama’s midnight plane delivery of millions in cash to Iran was kind of worth looking into by the FBI and was a real crime.

……..thinks Hillary Clinton’s giving of 25 percent of the United States  uranium reserves to the Russians, followed a few months later by her husband Bill’s $400,000 paid fee in Moscow for one speech, was kind of also worth looking into by the FBI as to the clearly criminal deal making on a personal level by the Secretary of State.

……..thinks that come the 2018 elections the Republican numbers will increase in both the House and Senate due to the American people not being the dumb nucks the politicians think we are.