Dear Mr. Mueller,

I am requesting you do your duty with honor and integrity in this investigation. I read your biography and like you I too am a veteran. I retired from active duty after 29 plus years. I am also a disabled veteran. I know you know what it means to follow a code of high moral values. I know you did that in your Vietnam service to our country and I suspect you have tried to live your life that way.

Mr. Mueller I do not suggest I know what the complexities of dealing with the Washington political environment are like today. I received a B.A. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley but my studies were a long a time ago. What I do understand though is cow dung when I see it, and it is flowing like a river from these politicians and the media.

Mr. Mueller it is not 1980 or 1990, or even 2000. America has suffered under politicians pushing off taking care of the debt, health care, social security, and infrastructure while focusing instead on what they perceived was their main job…getting re-elected. The way they have been operating for over forty years has brought us to this dangerous place where lies and deception are no longer the exception but rather the way of doing  business in Washington.

The generation that opposed the Vietnam War, ran Nixon from the White House, and focused on love, peace, and pot went to Washington and Wall Street. When they got there they became the greediest, most self serving bunch ever to lead our country. The flower children generation fell far short of the ideals of their youth.

Mr. Mueller I know you see, as I and most honest Americans do also, the current environment of calling for more and more Russian investigations by the Congress, the Senate, and the Judicial committees, and every other committee that can call a hearing, are nothing more than politicians from both parties trying to keep Donald Trump from being able to push forth his proposals and bills for rebuilding America.

Mr. Mueller I am not suggesting you not do “your investigation”.  I hope you will do it, and do it quickly. I think once your investigation on the Trump-Russian connection is completed the politicians will have to drop their own wasteful and burdensome investigations. Maybe then they will actually get back to work and do what the American people have been asking them to do.  Make America great, make America better for our children and grandchildren, and make America safe.

When did collusion become a crime?  Influence?  I laugh when I hear these political leaders cry “influence by Russia”, influence?  Lets see, does Turkey influence…does Saudi Arabia influence… does Iran influence?  Oh yeah…what about that midnight flight of cash to Teheran? Or what about Bill Clinton getting a $400K pay day for a one day speech in Moscow shortly after the uranium deal with Russia? Influence they cry? What about the K Street lobbyist, many who represent foreign interest counter to our own? Influence…what a bunch of hypocrites.

Mr. Mueller please be quick and complete with your investigation for the good of the country. Donald Trump is trying to do some good things. He is a flawed President but when I look at history I have trouble finding one who was not.  In President Trump’s case he is about business and getting things done. It is my view we need him and he is the right guy for the right time. He may in fact be our last good hope for a prosperous and secure future for our country.


Michael Hawke