The Death of the Press:  Right Before our eyes we watch the media’s death roll from a self inflicted suicidal shot to the heart. The printed press, internet search pages, radio, and television news all have managed to kill their own profession in just a few short years.  No one believes the media any longer.  Sorry to say but we now are in a place where there is no honest source of factual information. The birth of the internet brought such hope for being able to find information and truth and it has devolved into a place where confusion and lies reign. What a shame.

Gone Fishing: This is what Special Counsel Mueller has done. He, and his growing legal team of former Clinton and Democrat supporters, are “fishing”. They are fishing at great tax payer expense looking for a crime, or even an inkling of an inkling of a crime in the Trump and Republican camps. The fact our former FBI Director Jim Comey admitted to leaking should scare every single American. The FBI is not dealing honest, and some have known this to be true for quite awhile.

There should be no tolerance for leaking in our FBI yet Comey explained his leak as if it were no big deal. The Director of the FBI! Read the Sybil Edmonds Story…”Classified Woman”. She was a former FBI whistle blower who got creamed by the FBI. It is a story worth reading. Could it be there is a reason all of the politicians were kissing Comey’s rear end when he testified?  Mr. Mueller if you are looking for a crime maybe you should start lookingl inside your own organization first.

Trump’s Agenda: The President seems unflappable by all of the obstructionists working to do him, and his policies, in before they can get even be implemented. He continues to daily present his ideas and policy plans to the American people, keeps us informed (and I must say entertained) by his tweets, and displays a common sense approach not seen since Ronald Reagan was in The White House. The media, the democrats, and yes, even some in his own party, who seek to “obstruct”  will be in for a surprise at the ballot box next time they are up for re-election.

It would be wise for these lazy obstructionists to remember Americans spoke loudly when they elected President Trump….”cut the crap”….”get to work”, and “take care of business”. If Trump is foiled due to all of these investigations and obstructionist actions there will be a cost come election time for these loafers….no matter the fake polls, fake news, and fake leaks assuring they will be re-elected! They would do wise to remember Hillary’s big error…she started believing all the polls, stories, and leaks they were creating.

Hypocrites of the Worst Sort: The worst kind of hypocrite is the one who lies to kids. All the left screams loud at any type of prejudice, bullying, or hate speech in the schools. Kids are taught in lower grades about showing respect and not judging others no matter their sexual preference, race, creed, or color. All good things for young people to learn and practice.

The problem here is what do the kids see their parents watching on the television?  Saturday Night Live….which is all about bullying, slandering, and hating. What do they see from the so called comedians? Well, not a lot of humor, but a whole lot of hate. Look at Kathy Griffith and the mock beheading of President Trump, Bill Maher and his open arrogant lies, and so many more. So, kids, all I can say is when you grow up you too can start bullying, hating, and telling lies about others just like the media and the famous entertainers do….but until then we want you to act like decent human beings.

Speaking of Comedy: I am old enough to remember watching “real comedy” on TV. The Johnny Carson Show, The Honeymooner’s, The Red Skelton Show, The Lucy Show and later the Lucile Ball Show, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and so many more, really made people laugh. You can look back on these shows and you will not find them seeking laughs by hating on others. If hate, rudeness, and crudeness were used they always painted those displaying these traits in a negative way. Times have changed…..for the worse.

Comedian Jim Carey recently stood by Kathy Griffith in her “beheading hate skit” of the President. Jim Carey you made us all laugh, and laugh a lot. I hope you can continue to be a source of enjoyment and fun for those of us who love watching you. Please note that the audience knows the difference between a true comic and a wanna be. I hope you can resist the urge to use hate and lies to get a laugh….you are too good for that.

Oh, and please do not think I need you to show me political truth in the world. You are a comedian, comedians are supposed to entertain and make us laugh. That is what you do, and do so well.  However, if you choose to be a political manipulator instead of a comedian then you lost me Jim.