Tim Tebow:   Tim Tebow was moved up to Single A ball in the Mets organization and is hitting 327. He has an 11 game hitting streak going and today hit his first professional “walk off” homer for the win. He will at AA level by the end of the season. Great job Tebow, I know you are having fun chasing your dream! Baseball is an awesome game.

San Diego Padres: All I hear is we have a great President, a great General Manager, an Awesome Coach…..we are in last place. I am not buying the ” youth movement….we just need a few more years of patience” stuff. Free agency pretty much kills that plan, or it has in the past. Still a fan…they are still my team, keep trying boys!

Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton:  I ran into Lee this morning at the library in San Diego. He is producing his own “Sports Page” and awaiting an opportunity to get back in the booth. He was great in the Chargers hey day. I used to listen to him every morning on my ride to work. They replaced him with a loud mouth ego and their ratings are now in the cellar, or below. Progress, eh? Hang in there Lee, you know your stuff and your voice is still golden.

President Trump: The POTUS and FLOTUS are in Paris for the celebration of Bastille Day. I watched the press conference and Trump owns a room when he is in it. The President of France kind of resembles portraits of Napoleon Bonaparte….eerie. They seem to be getting along and I believe our President is doing a great job and will be a two termer. He may even surpass Ronald Reagan as a down to earth, common sense leader. “Build Up That Wall, Mr. President” !

Hannity: Not sure who his producer is but in his TV, and Radio shows, he opens with what he calls “my monologue”. He runs on and on and on, making a significant number of points on several different issues. Sean Hannity is in love with himself. The personal pronoun “I” is his favorite word.  He has good ideas and some good shows, but he does not know how to let the show be the focus. He thinks he needs to be the focus…. and for the record Sean you just are not that interesting. Get out the way and let things work.

Endeavor: Taking Endeavor out on Sunday with friends. Nothing is more relaxing than sailing on San Diego Bay. I named her after Captain Cook’s first ship. My ultimate goal for Endeavor is to take her through the Canal to Cuba and after that who knows where the wind might blow us.

Louie Lamoure: One of the most prolific writers of modern time. His autobiography is called  “The Education of a Wandering Man”. If you have not read it you are missing out. He says what makes a great writer is being a great reader. He lists all the books he ever read and this alone is worth having the book. A must read on your summer reading list.