South Dakota: I met two people from South Dakota and was reminded there are a lot of smart people who do not live in California. Hey, I knew this of course, but when you talk to someone from the center of the country you feel their sense of roots, and common sense…..traits that have been bred out of most Californian’s by their liberal education system and government.

Donald Jr. and the Russian Mess: I watched him on Hannity last week when asked if there were any more things to come out and he said….”nothing, that is all there is”. So two days later it comes out another Russian guy was at the meeting. Not just Donald Jr., Jared Cushner, Paul Maneforte, plus the Russian’s aide were there but another Russian guy. I ask myself what is wrong with Donald Trump Junior? I know he is not a political person but my oh my what a blunder telling Hannity on National TV ” that’s  everything”.

This happened, like all their other blunders, because the Trump campaign has tried to play major league politics when they barely only have minor league skills. Still, they won the game…but how long will they get battered over these inane Russian collusion non- issues? They still fail to put all of these messes to bed.

Hillary…now she is a real “major league” politician. Had she been healthy she would have won. I believe she had to rely on those around her due to her being seriously ill in the last few weeks of the campaign. The people trying to pull her through started believing their own propaganda which served Trump a big old fat one right across the plate.  Trump hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the 9th on election night to win the game. Thank goodness for that!

Cable TV: This is a waste of hard earned money. If you want to keep paying $150.00 or more a month go ahead….but it is stupid. As for the political channels, sports events, and all the other stuff…well it is not worth the money. Cable TV will go the way of Blockbuster.

Health Care Bill Blues: The Republicans in the Senate are dumb, plain and simple. What they need to do was let Obama Care die and then put together a new Health Care Plan with bi-partisan help. There is no way it should be allowed to be called ” Trump Care”. It should be called “The American Health Care Bill”. If our current Senators, both left and right, are unable to get it done then we are stupid if we re-elect them.

Time for a Constitutional Convention:  Current leaders in Congress should address these matters. I believe it must be done through a Constitutional Convention. Currently our Congressmen get elected for two year terms. Six months into their first year they are running for re-election. Everything they do is designed to build political capitol to be used at the next election, just 18 months away. Today millions and millions of dollars are spent on these campaigns. The lobbyists have a hey day, the corruption is ripe, the people get the shaft. So here is the simple fix;

Congresspersons: They are elected to a four year term and can only serve three terms.

Senators: They are elected to a six year term and also can only serve three terms.

President:  Elected to one six year term with no re-election.

There is no doubt this will get these guys working together, cut election waste, and lessen corruption. Lets change things for the better. Call for a Constitutional Convention.