My Sunday: A great day in San Diego. I visited with my children, swam my designated pool laps, spent time organizing on the boat, and then did some reading and writing. All in all, a day of rest and relaxation. Hope to do more of these.

Caesars Restaurant Tijuana:  I had dinner Saturday night at Caesars in Tijuana. I usually meet a friend there once or twice a month. I ordered my usual, the small Caesars enselada, glass of red wine, followed by a flan and an Americano coffee for desert. This all complimented by smoking a very fine Cuban cigar. I sit at my regular table on the patio. Smoking is allowed on the patio and I have come to relish these times of reflection, conversation, excellent food and service, and on this night an ongoing Mariachi performance.

As an aside if you have not dined at Caesars you have missed much. The Caesar salad was invented right there in the 1920s. There is a history of Hollywood stars dining there over the years going back to the 1950s. The current ownership has elevated the restaurant to a very fine place with outstanding service and a menu that has no weak links. All first class….go to Caesars and have a very romantic dinner experience. I might add it will not dent the wallet…not even close. You heard it here first.

E-Ball: My plans to save the NBA are moving forward. I have outlined the new league…it will be called E-Ball. E for “Experimental”, as opposed to B-Ball for Basketball. We are working on funding from the NBA and of course a host of other sponsors. The league will be filled with hopefuls and guys who can still play but are no longer at the NBA tier. This will offer an additional profit vehicle for the league. More importantly it will be a testing program for the changes that will ultimately be adopted into the NBA game. Updates coming soon.

Endeavor to Cuba: I am slowly putting the boat into shape for the trip to Puerto Vallarta. My plan is to go this November on the first leg by way of the Baja Haha sailboat race South. The race will end either in Ensenada or Cabo and I will continue on to Puerto Vallarta where I will leave the boat for a season. Then next year I am going to take it through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and on to Cuba where I plan to buy a cigar or two just to do my part to support the inevitable budding democracy on the Island.

We might see Puerto Rico becoming a State soon and maybe down the road, say ten years, Cuba too! Stranger things have happened. I would sure like to see us focus our money and efforts in our own backyard instead of continuing to throw our blood and money in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The President Trump Witch Hunt: Yes it is a witch hunt…but it is fixing to back fire bigley. No other way to describe it. The ruling class in Washington, D.C. got a clear message when President Trump was elected. He was going to run things like a business. This idea, which appealed to the majority who elected him, seems to have borne initial fruit. The stock market is through the roof. The jobs numbers unbelievable, the economy humming.

Sorry to tell the Democrats, liberal media, and rebel Republicans, trying to derail Trump that come the 2018 election he will be supporting Republican candidates. President Trump will hold rallies, tout the accomplishments, and point out the need to gain real majorities in the House and Senate in order to finish the work.  Like the Clinton campaign managers who thought she would be elected  with ease those who now believe the Democrats will regain footing in the coming election are deluding themselves….bigley!  We have a President for the people and like it or not he will serve two terms. Time for the Dems to stop with the blocking actions and start cooperating. The coming election will be a real smoker. You heard it here first.