See a Problem….Solve a Problem:  J.J. Watt, defensive tight end, Houston Texans, did a fund raiser for Hurricane Harvey relief and raised over $18 million dollars… and counting. I kind of like this type of NFL player who realizes he is a role model.

See a problem….solve a problem. Quite different from taking a knee and disrespecting the flag, anthem, and all who sacrificed for our freedoms in order to draw attention to a problem. The Cleveland players should talk to JJ. He knows the importance of being a positive role model out to fix problems, and not a whiney, sniveling, dolt trying to bring others down.

I still Quit the NFL but I feel better being reminded there are players who care with action and not show.

Home of the Free….Land of the Brave:  Clearly these last two words of the National Anthem were displayed in Houston and all the regions hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Police, Fire, National Guard, citizen volunteers, medical professionals and many others as well as the victims displayed these two words loudly and proudly. I did not see anyone take a knee…did you?

Storm Stilettos: I have a female friend who asked me what they were. She said she heard the tail end of a news report where they were negatively discussing the First Lady’s shoes calling them “Storm Stilettos”.  My friend, who loves shoes more than food, wanted to know where she could buy them. I suggested she try the Ivanka site but she should hurry as they are selling fast.

Early To Bed: Benjamin Franklin has been credited with the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, will make a fellow healthy, happy, and wise”. Likely Ben heard it from some other source but kudos to him none the less for helping to establish this sage wisdom.

When asked by Barbara Walters “Ted, what is the secret to your success?” He responded: “The secret to my success Barbara is simple: early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”. Classic Ted Turner… a modern improvement on Ben’s version. Thanks for saving the Buffalo Ted!   

Buffalo vs.Truth: Ted Turner did not invent the internet but he should be credited with the saving of the Buffalo and for being a great environmentalist, in the most positive sense. By the way, just in case you are confused, Al Gore did not invent the internet, but he did write the book “An Inconvenient Truth”, which ended up being more of a convenient lie, than anything else. I give Mr. Gore due credit for being an environmentalist… the most negative sense.

The Patriots: I listened to the audible version of Bill O’ Reilly’s book, “The Patriots”. I experienced the most enjoyable drive times this past week learning about our “Founding Fathers” and how this nation was born. Some of the history I knew, some I  remembered vaguely, and much more of it was new. The accounts of sacrifice and heroism of these people are captivating and awe inspiring . The book is read by Holter Graham, who does a wonderful job conveying a feel and the emotion of the times.

You can listen to this book with your high school kids. It is available on Audible, order it from BILLOREILLY.COM, or from the Public Library, as I did. You will be blessed and so will your kids who will, when done listening, be far more educated on our founding history than most of their peers.