Jerry Jones: The Dallas Cowboys owner put some clarity on the NFL players taking a knee. He said the Dallas Cowboy players will stand for the National Anthem or they will sit the bench and not play. This is smart and it should have been done earlier. So many players were torn and pressured. Now an adult has stepped up and made it easy for them. No stand no play. No play no pay…and there you have it. Thank you Mr. Jones for respecting your fans, your country, and our veterans, past and present….even if the pocket book was your motivation.

Senator Bob Corker, R-Tennessee: Senator Corker was re-elected by telling his constituents he would vote to replace Obama Care. Well as we all know he had the chance and he did not come though. This week he has announced he will not run for re-election in 2018 for his Senate seat. He also has gone on the attack against President Trump. It does not take a “high IQ” to understand that  Mr. Corker has begun his Presidential election campaign for 2020. To Bob Corker, and all the other Republican Representatives in Washington, I say do your job…..just do your job. Additionally, to Mr. Corker I suggest you resign and let someone take over who will do the will of the people of Tennessee.

San Diego Homeless Numbers: Official tallies have the homeless numbers in San Diego at 12,000. Unofficial tallies state it is closer to 30,000. With the recent Hepatitis A break out, business and community outrage over the chaos, and the virtual take over of the new downtown library as the homeless community day center…. maybe our Mayor and city leaders are finally waking up? Lets hope and pray they do their jobs…just do their jobs. One more thing on this….if you or I were homeless and had to live on the streets San Diego would be our number one destination. A few years back some cities were caught providing one way tickets to Hawaii for some of their homeless people. I would not doubt they are now bussing their problems our way.

Ensenada Mexico Trip: I spent last weekend in Ensenada, Mexico. Ensenada is about 50 miles South of Tijuana. The toll road is a 10 on a 10 point scale. It is very clean, fast, and safe with views of the Pacific Ocean along the coast that are awe inspiring. I was in Baja doing research for my new book. We stayed at the Coral Hotel and enjoyed a first class experience. Sunday we dined on fresh goat, lamb, and fish at their buffet. A visit to Ensenada is not complete unless you visit Housongs, a famous cantina that offers drinks and a first class mariachi. On the way back we stopped in Puerto Nuevo for lobster dinner, the best on the West coast.

Las Vegas Shooting: Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, their families, and loved ones. I know there will be more to this story so I will leave it with the thought that automatic weapons, no matter how they are made to be automatic, should not be legal. The second amendment does not give me the right to buy a shoulder firing heat seeking missile launcher. These auto and semi auto rifles should be classified military weapon types and made illegal. I legally own hand guns, rifles, and shot guns. I use them for sport, recreational hunting, and target shooting. I stay proficient for my personal and family’s security. I do not need to fire a hundred rounds to stay safe and if I do I am certain there will be police and or military help on the way.

Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees: Their playoff series is tied 2-2. I am rooting for the Indians. They had an awesome season and deserve to go to the World Series. I sure hope they do not over think it tomorrow. Go Cleveland! Just do your job boys….just do your job!

Phil Michelson’s Putter: Phil finished 3rd this past weekend!  He is an awesome player and can easily win many more tournaments, and I believe a few more Majors. If I could give him some advice I would tell him his biggest problem is his putter, it should be longer. He is tall, has arthritis issues, and should not be bending over so far to putt. He uses a very short putter which I think takes a toll on him after three rounds so by Sunday he is not able to focus on his putting due to the strain. It is all subconscious mind you, but golf is that way. Phil you need a longer shafted putter! You can thank me after you put on the Green Jacket again next year!