NFL Players Union: The NFL Players Union has announced that Jerry Jones threat to bench players for not standing for the Anthem is against their union agreement. I suggest the NFL Players Union take a knee on this effort. They must be aware ratings are slumping….. and will fall fast and far if this continues.

Economics 101: Just want to state what is obvious to me….the NFL players need the fans more than the fans need the NFL players.  I quit the NFL a few weeks back and now I get my football fix watching college football games on Saturday. My Sundays are now free and I do other things. So much better not getting aggravated watching these rich, privileged, players bringing their politics into my living room when all I want to do is relax and watch football.

Jerry Brown’s ” Sanctuary State “: Governor Brown decided he would make the entire state of California a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. He has removed ICE  (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) out of all prisons, jails, and other police sites where they have traditionally been located in order to facilitate the deportation of illegal immigrants who have broken the law. Governor Brown says the Federal Government has no authority to manage and enforce the immigration laws of our nation in the state of California. To me he is coming pretty close to declaring independence from the Union.

Governor On Notice: ICE has put California, and the good Governor, on notice that it’s officers will continue their mission of enforcing immigration law and arresting and deporting illegal immigrants. ICE stated since they are not getting cooperation from the state law enforcement agencies they will now be seeking illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods, work places, and homes. ICE officers will send all arrested illegal immigrants out of the state in order to secure them during the deportation process.

Governor Brown has now caused ICE to broaden it’s footprint in the state and when illegal immigrants are detained they will be removed from their families and sent to another state. This is called the law of unintended consequences. Good job Governor Brown, so very compassionate of you.

Race Horses: I recently read about a stallion that was shot while running across a pasture. The shooter was aiming for the rider and hit the horse instead. The horse leapt over a fence clipping it with his back legs as his muscles gave out in mid air. The rider fell off as the horse hit the ground. The horse never quit and in his dying moments lay there on his side moving his legs as if running. This is how we should live our lives…keep on running, keep on doing good, keep on being good.

Tim Tebow: He finished his first professional baseball season with a .226 batting average. He had over 60 RBIs and over ten home runs. Not bad for a guy who has not played baseball in several years. He was moved up two levels in the minor league system and says he will return next year to play in the Mets organization.

Tebow A Distraction: Remember when Tim Tebow was taking a knee after touchdowns and the NFL got upset. He was giving thanks to God. The sports talk shows kept bashing him saying the reason he was not picked up was not just his poor throwing skills but that he was too much of a distraction on the field and in the locker room. I have to laugh at this when I see what a mess they have on their hands now. I bet the NFL  wishes they had Tebow on a team now. It is hard for me to listen to these same sport talk guys echoing the NFL line that the players have free speech rights to take a knee during the National Anthem. Good thing these NFL knee takers are not a distraction…. such utter hypocrisy. To the NFL I can only say karma is a real hurt!