Tom Steyer: Most people have never heard of him….. He is running “Impeach Trump” adds on TV. The adds cost in the 7 figure a minute range. He claims they are not funded by Nextgen, but rather being paid from personal funds. By his own claims he is spending $10million dollars to promote the impeachment of the President. His bio claims he is an environmentalist, progressive activist, hedge fund manager, and fundraiser….oh, also a philanthropist. Seems like that $10,000,000 could have done a lot for the homeless problem here in California…doubt it will do much to impeach President Trump.

Rocky Belier: Most people have never heard of him….. He is an American hero having volunteered for the Vietnam war. He was an high NFL prospect and went to serve, foregoing the NFL. In Vietnam he had his foot nearly blown off and it was doubtful he would ever play football and maybe even walk again. He is a gritty blue collar guy form the Midwest. He went on not to just walk, but to play halfback seven season for the Pittsburg Steelers.

His recent take on the NFL knee takers crisis: He said it should have been nipped in the bud by Roger Goodell. It is not about free speech. Nothing any of us do at work gives us the right to upset the company rules for our own personal issues. If he were NFL Commissioner it would be stopped. These guys are being paid to play football, it is a business, they are employees. If their actions damage our product they do not stay with the company. He also pointed out the obvious, like these guys cannot make their point in a thousand other ways and places and not like none of these NFL knee takers are irreplaceable. I hope he replaces Roger Goodell.

Ken Burns: Many people have heard of him…. He is an American documentary film maker, the creator of the recent Vietnam War history that ran on TV a few weeks back. It was a docu-series about the history, “according to Burns”, of the Vietnam War.

If you are a left leaning person or a college student you ate it up. Many scenes, quotes, and interviews were either incomplete or lacking truth altogether. It made for good TV though, and also good political brain washing. Too bad Rocky Bleier was not interviewed, or many of the thousands who actually fought in the war. I keep waiting for….”The Real Historical Documentary of the Vietnam War”. I know it is coming.

Dominus Vobiscum: Latin invocation to St. Michael the Archangel for protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. We sure do need this prayer in our personal lives as well as for our nation.