Health Care and Car Dealerships: Scripps Hospitals announced a mega billion dollar construction program here in San Diego. Just like car dealerships who tear down their buildings and put new ones up every five years things are tough. Ever have a car salesman say “we are not making any money on this deal…you are getting it at cost” ? Seems like hospitals, drug companies, HMOs and everyone connected to Obama Care, except the patients….are doing great. Go figure…..

Trumps Favorability Numbers Are Just Fine: When you really look at the massive amount of daily negative stories written, spoken, and repeated in almost every media source it is a wonder his numbers are as high as they are. I guarantee you if anyone wrote this kind of negative, disparaging lies about the average person they would lose their job, family, and friends.

No, this attack is more than “fake news” against President Trump…it is propaganda that is slowly manipulating the American population. This attack is much bigger than an attempt to hurt the President….it is about moving the masses ever closer to cliff of total socialism…. which will be the end of our freedom, prosperity, and nation.

NFL Owners and Commissioner in Denial: Big time denial in the offices of the NFL as well as the locker rooms. The sport is soon to be on life support. Million dollar players who think fans come to games to see them protest are soon to find their salaries shrink right along with the fan base. Good going…you knee takers are idiots….but not as dumb as the owners.  I guess you never know what you have until you lose it. Go figure……

San Diego VA Hospital Tows Veteran’s Cars: Hard to believe the VA could do anything more to lower their public image but they apparently found a way in San Diego. They are building a parking garage and in the mean time the place is the parking lot from hell. Frustrated by patients parking in reserved spaces in order to make appointments the VA cops decided to “double down” on these law breakers.

One veteran said he waited 7 weeks for an appointment and when he arrived at the hospital 45 minutes early he could not find parking. He had a broken leg and was on crutches so parked in a reserve space, one of nine open spaces. He was shocked to come out and learn his car was being towed. Three days before Veterans Day! ” Thanks for your service….now pay up.  The VA has great doctors and medical teams but their administrators are idiots. Go figure….

Marine Corps Times Cover Story:  This paper’s cover story reads, “What the Troops Think of Trump”. That is a fine headline for a civilian paper but for a paper that is primarily distributed to, and read by, the troops, I find it pretty telling.

President Trump is the “Commander in Chief” of our military. He should always be referred to a “President Trump” not “Trump”.  The degrading of military culture and customs is a dangerous thing and should not be accepted. Go figure…..