Who is Michael Hawke: He has been called ” the most interesting writer in America”….also, ” the most objective writer in America…always seeking truth where mostly confusion and lies grow like weeds in the political soil of America”. 

Russian Interventions:  The cry “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” is no longer ignored. In fact it is pretty much agreed they came…. and they are here to stay. The Russians did attempt to intervene in the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The problem is, they had no favorites. The were like and investor playing the wins and the losses….they were going to come out ahead either way.

Their strategy was never to pick the winner, but rather create chaos. Their long term goal is to destroy our open and free political system from within. I do say…. their disinformation campaign was a rolling success as evidenced by our politicians being unable to realize what really happened here. The Democrats and Republicans are unable to agree on any important legislation. They have convinced themselves their main purpose is to find out who tried to cheat whom, and was there a crime involved in the process. They seem most satisfied holding hearing after hearing after hearing….. investigating the Russian connection. Meanwhile, no one is running the country.

Louis L’Amour: “The Education of a Wandering Man”  is part memoir, part reflection, which is his legacy on a life lived to the fullest through his never ending quest for knowledge. When I look at autobiographies too often they are simply written not to tell the whole story of the man or woman, but rather to tell a story that puts them in the best light possible, often at the expense of facts and truth.  I could name some titles you would immediately recognize and say ….oh yeah, so true.  I hold my pen.

This book is way different, it is an adventure of the life of one of the most prolific writers of all time and also one of the world’s all-time best selling authors. There are more than 200 million copies in print of his eighty-six novels, sixteen short story collections, and three works of nonfiction. The book is a must read if you consider yourself to be in the company of the well read man or woman.

Speaking of Books: ….Did you book….your holiday flights yet? The time is now. I, myself, am as negligent as the worst of you. As I finish this “Daily Mix” I will be clicking my mouse right over to the airlines page….hoping for a deal. My favorite airline? The ones with the most leg room in coach. Last time I flew, a few months back, I was in pain the whole flight. They no longer can call what you sit on a seat…it is a bench.

I had far more comfortable flying trips on the C-17s the C-130s and, dare I say it…yes the truth be told…. even the military helicopters, which are horribly uncomfortable, bested the current state of comfort of todays airline flying.