Forbidden Pictures…in the NFL: North Korea censors pictures and stories of the terrible living conditions their people suffer under. This is just what we see in the pre-game NFL sports shows by the talking-heads. These guys are going out of their way to make sure images of positive support to the anthem, the military, and the flag are seen by viewers….but you will not see a picture of Marshawn Lynch sitting during the Anthem in the Mexico City game. The NFL does not want to discuss it, show it, and no longer defends it. They just won’t stop it.

Mexico: The temptation is to call this guy an uneducated idiot, but I will be more clear. Generalizations never help one understand problems. And this is a problem worth understanding…..and fixing. Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders running back, sat down for the American National Anthem during the game against the Patriots in Azteca stadium (Estadio Azteca) and he stood up, giving full respect, during the Mexican National Anthem. If Marshawn was sitting to protest police abuse, racism, and overall injustice in America he sure should have stayed on his spoiled butt during the Mexican Anthem too. Justice is not to be found in Mexico for the poor, indigenous, and minorities. If he really believes things are bad in America….then he needs to factor 100 times worse in Mexico. Lets not even talk about their murder rate, kidnappings, and disappearances.

The Truth About Marshawn: His sitting for the American National Anthem and then standing for the Mexican Anthem outed him. He is not sitting for justice and fairness. He is sitting for himself. He seeks attention, pampering, and special privilege. If only there were just one NFL owner who had the kahoonas to say….enough. I frankly do not see the need for even average size kahoonas here.  If one owns the team it is easy, knowing the business reality that Marshawn Lynch is replaceable…. as is every other NFL player in the league. Simple deal Mr. NFL owner, make him stop it. You certainly know there are  hundreds who can run, pass, kick, block and tackle that would step in and do the job. The fans would be just as happy, and the team would have less “distraction”. Might be good for winning, eh?  Why suffer fools if it is an owners market.  Is it so hard to sit these guys down? Personally the words “you’re fired” would be what I would do. By the way….. it is really bad for your business.

The Message to Kids: The young people today are growing up in a world where there is great confusion. They do not know the rules anymore about anything. Sports has always been a place where there are rules, predictability, and structure. The kids are equal and can be sure hard work, dedication, and skill will get one ahead. Today we now are witnessing kids in high school kneeling during the National Anthem, modeling their heroes, knuckle-heads like Marshawn Lynch. I think it would be nice if the NFL owners would begin to act like the adults in the room and give young kids the security of knowing that there are rules in football, just as in life, and if you break them you sit….. consequences…. you know?  No need to fire these prima donnas. Sit them down, make them warm the bench….and next year do not bring them back.

Freedom to Protest: Marshawn Lynch can protest injustices, racism, police abuses, or anything he chooses all day long in America. He has the right to do this and he does have the platform. It is perfectly clear he can hold a weekly press conference and discuss his concerns and the media would be present in droves. So why sit during the National Anthem? Is it to send a message to fans, young and old, how unjust our country is? Is it to show how much courage you have by standing up to the NFL, the owners,….why even to the President of the United States? Is it because the third stanza of the song, which is not part of present Anthem today, somehow promotes racism?

I Quit the NFL: I used to be a fan of yours Marshawn, and of the NFL. Now I am neither; players like you taking knees, sitting, and linking arms in disrespect did it for me. I watch college ball on Saturdays and my Sundays are free. I kind of have always loved my football as an form of “entertainment”. If I want politics I watch CNN, FOX, or the networks. Thanks for the memories.